If you love designer handbags by Gucci, Fendi and all those other European sounding names, you’ll love these quick news stories.

Read the news about the world of famous pocketbooks.

Exciting Designer Handbags Like Gucci are in the News

First, Read about $2000 Handbags for $200!

From CBS: This is a really cool handbag story. Wish I could’ve bought up a truck load of these purses!

“French fashion house Balanciaga is dealing with some very disappointed online handbag shoppers who thought they had gotten the deal of a lifetime.

Last Thursday, there was a buying frenzy purses on Balanciaga.com normally priced from $2000 to $3000 were listed for around $200.”

Have You Ever Heard of Waffle Purses?

Yes, one for the believe it or not crowd! Here is a quick story about how to literally make “bread” from not so designer handbags. The source is In Style. Take a look at a tidbit.

Designer Handbags Like Gucci

Photo by BobPardue.Com

“As a finishing touch, each ridiculous Bread Bag is adorned with designer label hardware. Do you even really have a pancake purse if it’s not from Chanel?

Since the famous fashion bags are real art pieces and intended to inspire a bit of thought and reflection, the products they are made from aren’t actually edible.”

Get Excited about the NEXT Big Handbag from Gucci!

Purse Blog wrote a story about the newest Gucci designer handbags. They also included the Lady Web bags. Here’s a part of the story.

“The Gucci Lady Web bags all come with two straps. One is equipped with the iconic tricolor Gucci webbing. The other handbag is designed in a material that matches the bag itself. It is available either in suede or leather.

For the body of the bag, find options of suede, original GG canvas, brown hand-stained leather, python and crocodile. Purchase most of the bags in several sizes.

Lady Web beautifully combines the brand’s chic past with the glorious present in a way that is gorgeously, unmistakably Gucci.”

And, For You Beautiful Fashion Models – Check Out Anja Rubik’s Purse

This final story is from Emily Anderson and tells about how female supermodel Anja Rubik walks the sidewalks with her new designer bags from Gucci. Emily writes:

“Polish supermodel Anja Rubik was recently spotted carrying a cute little Gucci Soho Disco Bag while spending some time with her family in Warsaw.

If only we could all look this nice (and unhurried) after a casual family lunch in the city. Buy Anja’s exact bag at Gucci for $895.

A $895 Gucci bag is a comparatively affordable handbag choice for a supermodel.” read more ..

There! Now you have the biggest news stories about Gucci and other designer handbags so enjoy your shopping experience today!

Are You Ready for a Gucci Designer Handbag?

If you are willing to make an investment in a true designer pocketbook then Gucci is the trend setter.

You can find a wide selection of designer handbags like Gucci at Amazon and other fine stores online. Check availability and pricing of Gucci designer handbags here. Get going and get in style! – Bob

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