Pretty faces are everywhere but have you ever wondered about the definition of beauty and how people see other people?

You have probably heard people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or it’s only “skin deep”. I happen to think that depends on the age of the beholder. The definition of beauty that everyone has usually evolves as they grow older.

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Beauty to the Nth Level

When I was eighteen years old, my face was not bad looking (at least it was presentable). But,  now that I am older, I don’t even think about it that often.

This is because I realize that looks are always important, but they rarely make a person desirable. It’s all about who they are and how they treat the world that defines how beautiful they really are.

What is the Definition of Beauty?

As a fashion and beauty model photographer, my definition of beauty is going to be different from everyone else’s. Some think of beauty as what they see in the pages of a magazine, but that is up to them. What I see when I look at a new model is the outer looks, but that lasts only for a short time.

I reserve my beauty definition to be subjective no matter who I meet. I have meet attractive people that have turned ugly because of a bad personality.

Those people rarely make it in the modeling industry. On the other hand, I have met those that seemed rather plain, but grew to be very attractive because they were amazing, charming, and witty people.

You Can’t Always Depend On Your Eyes to Define True Beauty

If you are young, beauty may not be something you see. That is okay, as that is usually the way it is.

Your life will determine what you decide to see in someone, and there really is no wrong answer. The important thing is that you don’t treat people badly who do not fit into your definition of beauty.

No one can tell you what you think is pleasing, but to hold it against someone is something you may regret in the future.

A photographer I know once told a model she didn’t have the look for beauty pageants and later had to eat his words when she took the runner up for the state title. Each person has something to offer and a lesson to teach you, if only you take a moment to see and to listen.

What is True Beauty?

Beauty is not only about people, but about the world around you. You may see a sunset or a magnificent tree and feel that is a true beauty’s definition. You may see the good things that people do for each other, and that may be what you define as beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this story about the definition of beauty and will take some of the words of this young lady to heart.

How Do You See Beauty? Others Do Too!

You probably already see beauty in things that don’t appeal to others. It’s no wonder that people are drawn to sites and magazines which show glamour or even models to see those beautiful smiling faces. The point is to appreciate what you love, and what fits into your definition of beauty.

Make that what guides you through your life and what helps you when you need peace and serenity. Or, in my case, when choosing new beauty models to work with. d:-) – Bob Pardue

Definition of beauty

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