daytime and nighttime makeup

daytime and nighttime makeup

As a model photographer I’ve had to deal with makeup and beauty more times than not. And, models told me that different times of day call for varied makeup ideas. So, I did my research and came up with this daytime and nighttime makeup review to help you with your struggles.

The great news is that I’m always searching for better ways to apply makeup to help my models look their best.

This section is all about daytime and nighttime makeup and how to apply each.

What’s the difference between makeup you wear during the day or evening? Keep reading..

The Difference Between Daytime and Nighttime Makeup and How Each Affects Your Looks

Truth is, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. So, think of makeup as an act of art and your face is the canvas or portrait. Some looks are better for the day time just like there are some looks in which are better for the night time.

Hearing about these two kinds of looks with makeup is common. But, what is not so common contains the actual differences between these two looks.

For the most part women put on a concealer and base make up in the morning time and then more over that at night time. The problem is, this is unhealthy skin care practice.

Daytime Makeup Tips

For the perfect makeup look to wear during the day time you should keep in mind that less is actually more. Go with something that is light.

Don’t make your facial concealer too obvious. It helps to make you look younger and doesn’t really look like you are trying to try too hard.

Your eyebrows should also always be well groomed; the more perfect that your eyebrows are shaped, the less eyeliner you will need to wear. Remember, eyebrows help to frame your face which just helps you to stand out more and in a good way.

Lastly, for the day time make up look, you need to realize your power of femininity holds most in your mascara. A little bit goes a long way just like with everything else and it helps to make your look more polished.

Nighttime Makeup Tips

As for the perfect makeup look to wear during the night time you should focus a lot more on your eyeliner. If you draw a thicker line or a curved line at the end helps to make your eyes more dramatic.

This is essential for your night time look.

It’s okay to use more colors at night time. Use something bright and fun or glittery. Or, try shades that go with your eye color and what you’re wearing helps you to really pop.

Don’t You Love Smokey Eyes?

And lastly, for the night time makeup look create the smokey eye. You can do this with a darker shade at the crease of the eye. Then smudge it out through the line of the eyebrow.

Pair the smokey eye effect with shades that are lighter and it will highlight everything else.

This leads to all pictures taken being perfect as well as your look being perfect.

Practice and Creativity are the Ingredients for Beauty

Just remember that practice makes perfect and it will take a few tries to find the best day time and night time looks for you.

Always remember to be creative with your makeup and know that you do not have to stick to the same few colors every day.

Use makeup shades and lipstick that go well with your skin tone. And then, match it with the outfit you are wearing and where you are going for the evening or to work.

daytime and nighttime makeup

Now You Know the Difference Between Daytime & Nighttime Makeup

I hope these tips help you with your daytime and nighttime makeup challenge and don’t stop here. See other suggestions and get the look you want.

Ask friends what looks good on you and then try a few variations until they work.

Trust me, you’ll be even more beautiful! Now, get started and look great! – Bob

daytime and nighttime makeup

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