Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas – Why Did Female Model Dana Thomas Turn From Modeling to Reporting?

Well, stranger things have happened I guess. As a photographer I’m not really surprised at what happens in modeling any longer.

I’ve seen plenty. But, there is a reason I want to share this story about how female supermodel Dana Thomas went from being a model to reporting about fashion.

Dana Thomas - From Model to Reporter

Dana Thomas

I hope you will be inspired by this story if for no other reason, to know that there are alternatives after you decide to leave the fashion modeling field.

Here’s the Dana Thomas Model / Reporter Story

This piece about Dana Thomas is by Chantal Fernandez over at Fashionista and their stuff is normally worth a look. The writer gives this story:

“Fashion writer Dana Thomas has never been scared of chasing a good story.

In her first book, “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster,” published in 2007, she chronicled how luxury brands had sacrificed quality and exclusivity for accessibility and profit in recent decades.

This casts the world’s biggest luxury companies in a less than flattering light.

In her last book, “Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano,” Thomas explores how the pressure to maintain multi-billion dollar fashion brands destroyed two purely creative people at their centers.

I sat down with Thomas after a book signing at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she presented the thesis of her book to an audience of students.

I asked her about her early career as a fashion model, how she started writing about fashion and the repercussions of telling the truth about the biggest luxury companies in the world.

Why have you chosen fashion and luxury as your subject?

Actually, it chose me, weirdly. When I was a teenager, I was a model in Philadelphia because my parents did not save for my college education and then they were getting divorced.

They had me do some modeling in Philadelphia and I did ads for Gimbels and Strawbridge’s and Wanamaker’s in the Sunday paper or whatever, junior wear looking really cute.

Then I got picked up by Elite New York when I was 16 for a summer and then I got picked up at 18 too.

Once I finished a year of college, to go to Europe to work with an agency in Paris and an agency in Milan — one that doesn’t exist now.

It is called Prestige which was aligned with Elite and with another agency called Riccardo Gay in Milan.

I did that for three years, lived in Paris, a little in Milan, traveled around the world. And then I took my money at 21.” read more ..

As you move in to your career and learn how to become a model the right way, I hope this piece about life after modeling will give you the hope you need to follow your dream – even if it’s short-lived.

What’s Your Modeling Story? Is Yours Similar to Dana Thomas?

I’d love to hear how you have modeled, and what other choices you’ve had to make other than modeling.

Or, maybe you’re exactly where you want to be. If so, inspire other model hopefuls by writing your comments below.

The career decision Miss Dana Thomas made may not be what you would do but I’m sure you’ll find your focus and your dream job! – Bob Pardue

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