As a model photographer, I know that hair can create an issue for new females in modeling coming into my studio for the first time.

And, it’s a fact that all women (maybe you) don’t have the budget to hire a hair stylist. This can be very expensive.

So, I did some searching and found this cool creating model hair video to give you some quick & easy tips to create a dew for your modelling photo session.

And finally, if you’d rather read, I set up the model hair video transcript just for you! Read it all below..

creating model hair

creating model hair

ATTENTION! Don’t Mess Up Your Modelling Photo Shoot Because of a Bad Hair Day! Watch the Creating Model Hair Video for Some Simple Tips to a Great Hairdo

To become a great model, take the time to learn some basic makeup and hair expertise. You don’t have to be a makeup artist or hair stylist to get good hair results. Read the transcript from Khalil’s video to learn how.

Here’s the video (in English)

Hi Khalil. Now, for models that go to some photo shoots, and they don’t want to use a lot of them, don’t use hairstylists.

What do you suggest?

If you don’t have a hairstylist, and you really don’t know how to do hair, keep it very simple.

Yeah. Keep it very simple.

Fact: Your Hair Looks Different in Pictures

Yeah. True, and also it looks so much different in photography shoots.


So, it’s much different than doing your everyday hairstyle. It’s a huge difference between, um, one set hair and salon hair in a music video here.

What is “Clean Hair?”

You know, now when a model comes in on the day of a photography shoot for you, they always tell me clean hair. What does that mean?

And then, of course your hair is clean. But, what does that mean to you?

To me it’s just being very polished.

Um, not a lot of products. You don’t use a lot of hair product because you don’t want to weigh the hair down.

You want it to be movable and, you know, free flowing. So, not a lot of product at all.

Don’t Change Your Hairdo on a Whim!

Just wash it and blow dry. A polisher is fine and gives it sheen in the picture.

Okay. For a model that’s like going on castings, how do you think they should have their hair? And, any ideas of the best way to style it?

Pretty much however you wear it everyday. Fix your hair pretty close to how yo your head shots are.

You don’t want to show up on a cast and look completely different than the picture they’ve (the modelling agency) has seen before.

Exactly. I always see the models of castings who have like red hair! But, then they’re sitting there and they’re like, brown hair.

What’s the deal?

When you change your hair, you need to change your comp card too. That is a definite now.

What about color treated hair?

To me it’s, it’s kind of difficult to work with, because you have to keep up the color.

And also, um, the lighter you go, the dryer it gets under the blower. It looks, you know, the more you lift the natural pigment out, it starts to look like Straw. All right?

So, you start to get rid of all the frizzy stuff going on.

Should Girls Create Modeling Hair Using Color?

And then, you’ve got girls who change colors frequently.

They go from like:

  • brown hair to blonde
  • blonde to blue
  • blue to red (like the flag!)

And, because of this, their hair looks dry. They might be better off just going back to original.

You’re taking so much of the natural pigment out that it’s just, it’s really damaging.

Okay. That’s very good advice.

Now That You Know More about Photo Shoot Hair for Models – Create Your Model Hair

This was an interesting video, don’t you agree? I thought the tips about creating model hair were unique, and to the point.

The main tip I got was to keep everything simple. Don’t change your…

  • Hair color
  • style
  • length
  • or perm
creating model hair video

Most agencies will let you know if they want changes in your look, including hair.

Without talking to your model agency first. No need to re-invent the wheel once you’ve been accepted for work.

Most agencies will let you know if they want changes in your look, including hair, weight or any other issues.

So, just don’t do it!

I hope you found this video helpful for your next model photo session.

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I know your hair will look magnificent with a little practice! Now, call your photographer & create your hair dew! – Bob

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