Model Agency Tips: Discover How Contacting  Modeling Agencies Can Start Your Career!

This is yet another frequently asked question I get – just received another one today wanting to know the right way of contacting modeling agencies so I will try to address this on today’s tip.

Take all the steps to become a model and get listed with a model agency so that you’ll have the opportunity you deserve.

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Don’t Make Mistakes When Going to Model Agency Open Calls!

Many models believe they can just email a general sentence or two – something like; “Do you have openings for models” or maybe “I want to be a model, please help me” or something to that effect.

Honey, this just does not work in most cases.

Truth is, there is no one way to making contacts but here is a starting point to increase your chances of getting in the door.

First, go to the Bob Pardue model agency website for your state (or other area you want to research)..

Make a short list of agents who look interesting (I would look at ones who have a modeling agency website first). Then, either go to their site listed or call the model agency to find how they want to be contacted.

Most agencies will have a page called “how to contact us” or various other wording so it should be easy to find.

Agency Types

There are various kinds of agents in the modeling network so you’ll want to find out what kinds of models they represent (you can find this info on sites too in many cases).

There are fashion model management companies, agencies for beauty, swimwear, etc., promotional jobs and commercial modeling agencies along with petite and plus size as well.

Other possibilities and opportunities exist so do your homework on this part.

Many of the best talent agencies are in larger cities like Chicago or New York but you can find nice paying local modeling jobs at first to see if you can go further in a career. Start off locally and it could possibly lead to something bigger.

Some model and talent management companies have open call days listed on their sites where you just walk in for an interview while others require an appointment. Still others just want you to send a photo submission to be considered.

NOTE: It’s very important to follow their directions for the best results.

Remember, do your research (other models can help tremendously), be prepared before you go, and follow all directions the agency requires.

Joining Agencies for Models

Every lady wants to be admired for their beauty, and there are many different opening positions in female model agencies that will allow women of all sizes and color to display their beauty in front of a camera.

With the many different management companies that are available, there are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind when going for an interview with a modeling agency representative.

These tips are designed for those who are looking to have a professional career in the modeling world, and should be done before entering an interview room.

Appearance to a model is everything, and presentation is key. When going for an interview, ensure that you are dressed to impress.

You want to be able to represent your true beauty. Wear something that is not only conservative, but also able to highlight your best features.

Tight clothing are generally not recommended by many professional companies, and models are encouraged to wear a nice skirt with a modest hemline, and a blouse or a shirt.

Other than wearing the appropriate type of clothing, it is also important to consider the amount of make-up that you are wearing.

Many of the modeling managers want to be able to see the true features of the model which is why they would generally encourage models to either not wear any make-up at all or very little. Make-up should be rather light. Don’t overdo it.

A small amount of concealer to hide any blemishes, and little bit of blush and mascara is generally the best options to go with as it will not only highlight the best features, but will also still give some depth to the face.

Getting hired by female model agencies is not difficult as long as the model knows how to prepare herself.

Presentation really is key, and it is important to be able to put your best foot forward. And, I’ve just written a new set of female modeling tips about working with model scouts you might want to read.

5 More Tips for Model Agency Contact

For girls and young women want to break into the business and land a contract with the “big guys”, it is important to take into account when contacting female modeling agencies to know what they are looking for.

Of course, how you look plays a big part but there are other criteria that are just as important.

Additionally locating a good agent should be a top priority to get you the best deal possible.

The following are some tips that are needed for beginners who need advice on where to start.

1. Pictures

It is important to get a good portfolio of self-portraits from a good

2. Professional Photographer

Lighting and angles play a huge part in the photographs taken because  the fashion industry has a love affair – with slimmer girls how you come across in your photos is very  important.

Due to the fact that pictures are two dimensional, the body loses angles in photographs. Agents and photographers often talk about “knowing your angle” which means the woman subject must be photogenic.

3. Good Posture

This is necessary because 70% of a career centers on runway.  Good posture is very important and if you do not have it this can be learned.

4. Good self-esteem

This profession is really very hectic – women are exposed to a number of self-destructive influences, and in order to handle yourself, you should possess a resilient psychological makeup.

5. Posses certain physical traits

Female modeling agencies are typically looking for people that have certain abilities, looks and talent. You’ll find some of these requirements here..

Other factors There are other factors that may be equally as important to getting in the modeling business and they are:

  • Ethnicity – This depends on the client and some companies look for a certain ethnic look (either Caucasian, African American, Asian, etc.)  that may be unique.  Some clients have a small target audience so they look for certain types of models.
  • Gender – This too is based on the client audience.  A magazine that caters to female models may look for only females in a certain age group (for instance; teenagers ages 13 to 19 yrs.) to display fashion etc. A client who needs male fashions displayed will look for a male model


How do I Find Modeling Agencies?

Anyone will tell you that New York City is probably the #1 place for the network. Next in line are cities like Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago.  They compete to fill demands with that of the finest talent word-wide.

They will wholeheartedly invest in and individual who they feel has potential and get them ready for the market.

For those looking for local area model agents adhere to the following tips:

Check the yellow pages under Modeling Agencies.  If there is none in you, area check listing of the next largest city.

The Better Business Bureau may have information on some agencies.  Usually they will not be listed here because if the BBB has anything to do with them it’s many times not positive.

Call the agency after hours-This may be a good method to find out legitimacy’s as this type of business is not a typical 9 to 5 and the serious companies are open a lot longer.

Getting Started:

Practice your poses, runway walk, body language and expressions and then start contacting the talent management companies near you.

Or, you might want to start by contacting the top list agents like Ford or Elite in NYC to try and become a supermodel!

These model agency tips don’t guarantee you’ll get discovered but it will help get your face in front of the right people. Hope this FAQ and answer helps you to become a male or female model and get your dream job!

See you next time,

Bob Pardue

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