How to Get Started with a Connecticut Modeling Career

Do you live in Connecticut? Well, the fact is getting started as a new model in any part of the world  has its challenges. You’ll be relieved to learn that you can begin a  Connecticut modeling career with some practice, common sense and serious goals.

Teens and adults are working in entertainment in the area right now in fields of high fashion, runway and commercial so make your mark in this great state.

Connecticut Modeling Career

Connecticut Modeling Career

Discover How You can Become a Connecticut Model

Teenagers and adults, petite and plus size are locating exciting careers in the modeling industry with a dedication to training and learning about posing, agencies in CT and other attributes.

Think you have what it takes to learn how to become a model and maybe become the next Cindy Crawford or Alisa Ahmann?

Are you truly photogenic and eager to start a career in CT in the fashion modeling world? Hold on! There are a few things you need to learn before getting started.

Requirements for CT Models

Some of the steps to consider is your requirements for the type modeling you want to do.

For instance, there’s runway, high fashion, plus size, petite, catalog, and on and on.

Take an inventory of yourself to see where you can make an impact.

Are You Tall and Thin?

If you are a tall beauty with a slim form, you might be eligible for runway or high fashion modeling. This field requires women to be at least 5’8″ with a thin figure.

You’ll also need good hair, complexion and straight teeth. In other words, be that teenager or woman you see on the cover of a major fashion magazine. Do you measure up? Go for it!

Female and male models living in CT from cities like Bridgeport or maybe even Hartford are getting started in performing arts every day.

But not all are qualified for walking the catwalk or modeling for top list fashion agencies like Ford, Elite Management or IMG. ( These you can find in NYC, among other major cities).

If you are not of this type, don’t despair! Here are a few other opportunities with Connecticut modeling agencies to consider.

Commercial Print

Teens and women in modeling of all ages can consider doing commercial work.

The requirements are somewhat relaxed as far as height, age and body type is concerned.

For instance, you can be a female teenager between ages 13 and 15 who is 5’2″ and a bit out of shape. You’d be perfect for fitness ads or diet remedies, etc.

There is also a market nowadays for senior models in a variety of posing lifestyle situations from vitamins to selling healthcare.

In your commercial model portfolio, think lifestyle type pictures. Practice posing naturally and just being yourself. Even an acting class might help you prepare for this type work.

Create a variety of “stories” including facial expressions that show sadness, anger, joy, happiness, etc.

Commercial modeling is sometimes realistic for the not so tall models living in states like Connecticut.

Creating an Awesome Modeling Portfolio

Think you are ready to contact a Connecticut modeling agency ? Get your model portfolio package together first.

Portfolios can come in many different types, shapes and sizes but the standard is generally a nice fabric or leather zipper book with 9×12 or 8×10 prints, some in black and white along with some color photos.

To go a step further, some female models put up a website to show their wares and some will add comp cards to leave with the agent after the interview.

Head Shots – At least a frontal picture and one profile with maybe just a base makeup or wearing none at all. You can also include retouched heads hots in your portfolio too.

Full – One or two full length photos of you posing in a swimsuit or clothes that fit tightly so the agency can see your figure

3/4 – A variety of these in different pose situations with smiling and serious looks in different outfits

Types of Portfolio Images – Shoot for a varied assortment of pics. Include high fashion (maybe dress clothes or suit if you are a male), casual clothing, swim wear or bikini, sports or fitness (if you have the body).

This is a good time to consider one or two professional looking poses such as a business suit with glasses or even a doctor’s outfit.

Also put in other photographs you feel meets your style as a model.

Posing for professional model portfolio photographers will help you to get better as you become more experienced. Agencies in Connecticut don’t require you to be overly experienced but it doesn’t hurt.

How Much do Model Portfolio Pictures Cost in Connecticut?

You don’t need to spend a fortune but don’t skimp on this either. Make sure the person doing your career model photos knows how to do them.

Hiring a professional modeling portfolio photographer in Connecticut will cost anywhere around $450 up to $1,000 + dependent upon the number of images, outfit changes, studio or location, the experience of the photography company, etc.

Make sure your CT photographer is willing to give you reprint rights for promotion so that you can make your own prints, have composite cards made, use them online, etc.

Ask about usage rights before setting up an appointment.

Setting Goals and Going After Your Dream

You don’t just wake up one morning and say; “I’m a model.”. It does require hard work just as it would in any other career.

Teenagers and females interested in becoming a model in Connecticut have to follow the same rules as the NY fashion scene.

This means a daily routine of research through magazines, practicing pose ideas in front of a mirror and gaining as much experience in front of the camera as possible.

Even if you only have a friend take photos of you with a digital camera, you can start to see your style develop with practice.

Then, make contact for interviews and open call dates with as many model agencies in Connecticut as possible.

If you get discouraged remember, the next one might be the agent who starts your CT modeling career rolling. – Bob Pardue

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