commercial modeling agencies in NYC

The Advantage of Commercial Modeling Agencies in NYC

If you are ready to really get your modeling career in gear (and have the means), New York City offers more opportunity than most other cities for new models. Of course, you really need to do your research and keep a friend handy to start.

Searching for and finding  doesn’t really require as much effort since the city is considered one of the most likely trendsetters when it comes to advertising and editorial TV.

There are many big, as well as small NY management companies looking for fresh new faces to show to an eagerly anticipating public.

You get a definite advantage as a model living in the Big Apple. And most importantly, it’s a lot easier to get that first commercial modeling gig.

Modeling agents in New York City are organized in such an efficient manner that the bigger ones are fed off a network of smaller agencies that are spread all across the United States – and the world.

Let me explain. All it takes is your commitment in joining a particular company. So, take a look at these tips to find out exactly what’s required of you to help you choose the right commercial model agency in New York.

commercial modeling agencies in NYC

commercial modeling agencies in NYC

What’s required for NYC modeling?

The basic requirements might include:

  • Photos in various poses,
  • your physical attributes
  • and your interests in building your initial portfolio.

The exercise isn’t really difficult. And, commercial modeling agencies in NYC are ready and willing to finish the formalities, as well as help you build your portfolio.

It’s in their interest to make sure you succeed since managing portfolios can net them 20% of your income.

New York commercial model agents compete with one another in producing fresh talent regularly.

What this simply means is, that if you’re available at a certain time, there may be several agencies looking to acquire your talents.

Get yourself known as a NYC commercial model

So, how do you get started with these commercial New York commercial modeling agencies?

One way is to go online and get your portfolio published on portals registered with NY companies. Pick ones who have support systems encouraging communication with aspiring models through chat, email and telephone.

An excellent way to begin would certainly be for you to contact the very best NYC agents like Women Management or DNA first.

Not getting an immediate response doesn’t mean you’ve missed out or, won’t get any chances in the future. So, keep trying.

Be found by the agents..

Now that you’ve learned how you can find the right NY commercial talent agency, it boils down to generating an interest in you among modeling circles.

For example, following up on the campaigns that are handled by a certain agency would certainly tell you the latest requirements for their models.

If you like an opportunity, show interest in the campaigns by getting in touch with that modeling agency.

New York commercial modeling agencies

“Show interest in the campaigns by getting in touch with that modeling agency.”

Once you’ve gotten in contact with them, wait for a little bit of time before contacting another agency.

You need not wait for too long though, since interested representatives normally reply within a 48 hour time span.

Continue your efforts by getting in touch with another agency – then another.

Auditioning For Commercials

No matter if you are an actor, actress or commercial model or simply a want to be model, you’ll want to read this about auditioning for commercials.

If you are just getting started as a professional actress or commercial model.

Or, if you are curious about whether acting might be a career for you, commercial auditions are a great way to look into it.

In most respects, a commercial audition is just like any other open casting call, but there are some notable differences.

First of all, they are for a much shorter term gig than auditioning for a play, television show, or movie.

commercial modeling agencies

“A commercial audition is just like any other open casting call, but there are some notable differences.”

Shooting a commercial rarely takes more than a day, and can usually all be done on a sound stage.

And, commercials rarely requiring multiple sets or outdoor scenes.

More importantly, commercial auditions are more numerous and easier to get.

Of course, your average commercial audition – just like any other type of audition – is looking for something very specific.

The casting agent will normally want a certain age, gender, race, look, and/or personality type much of the time.

And, the agent won’t be open to anyone outside of that, no matter how well they act.

If you are lucky enough to fit well in the categories they are looking for however, you are in luck.

You don’t have to be a great actor to get a role in a commercial. The competition can be substantial, but it is nothing like in movies or theater.

Preparing For Commercial Modeling Agencies

That does not mean that you should not prepare for an audition for a print or NYC TV commercial.

Auditions are serious, time-consuming affairs. So, be sure you put in the effort to really be prepared for what you are getting in to.

Research what they are looking for and give it to them.

Be presentable and be professional. Understand that the whole auditioning process can take hours. So, there is no point in going if you are not going to take it seriously.

Another important rule about commercial auditions is not to go if you do not have what they are looking for.

Commercial Open Calls

Open casting calls for commercials are being posted all the time. So don’t feel like you have to jump on every long shot role that comes along.

If you do not have a good chance of getting a role, don’t waste your time or the director’s time.

Do something more productive. Wait for a chance to come along that seems more likely.

If you are really serious about being in a commercial, something is bound to come around eventually. Just stick with it, and you will surely land a role. …. See you on TV !!

You should be able to be part of the roster of the well-known commercial modeling agencies in NYC although you are risking getting rejected by some of them.

That’s okay, the best supermodels in the business faced rejection – join them!

Next – Take the Guesswork Out of Modeling

So, you’ve learned a bit about NYC commercial modeling opportunities, and how to get started.

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