5 Little Secrets about Commercial Model Agencies You Should Know!

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The glamorous world of modeling and beauty has become a booming business lately. These tips for beginners about commercial model agencies cover just one aspect of the network.

And you might be surprised at the commercial modeling opportunities available to you.



Are You Struggling with Your Commercial Modeling Career?

Agents who deal in commercial modeling are desperate to find young men and women (maybe just like you) who can bring fresh perspectives and modeling looks to the already flourishing industry.

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How Do You Get Signed by Commercial Modelling Agencies?

Don’t be fooled by the number of young hopefuls who make it big doing advertisement modeling jobs in NY or Chicago, because this business can be a tricky one to get into.

But don’t fear, because we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 things one must remember when preparing to meet with a commercial model company, keep reading to find the formula …

Number One: How to Get Your Commercial Model Look Together

A talent management agent’s first impression of you is one that will last all the way to the end, so you have to make sure that it’s a good one.

It’s not about how trendy your ensemble is or even the brand you’re wearing, but more about the careful choices that you make to put a good outfit together for the interview.

Going overboard with the latest styles is one mistake that model-hopefuls usually make. The best modeling agencies like to see simplicity because it shows your versatility as a model in the network, and in this industry, being versatile is a very important trait.

Coming in with layers upon layers of stylish clothing with hair and makeup done in a look fit for the Oscars is enough to send the wrong impression. Just remember: simplicity is key.

To Work with a Commercial Model Agency – Act the Part!

Number Two: How to Build Up Your Confidence as a Commercial Model

It is a known fact that no matter how great you look, without a smile and a good voice of confidence to back you up, you’re a goner.

This type work differs from fashion or catalog because commercial talent representatives look for new models with a lot of personality. This shows them you have the ability to open doors for more jobs in the future – like maybe developing into film, TV or other media.

Keep in mind that your personality shines through when you try to be nobody else but yourself.

To prepare, try talking in front of a mirror and observing your posture and stance. It helps to be your own critic.

Constantly remind yourself to smile and look at people in the eye when you’re talking to them. Try this with even the most obscure people you meet, like the cashier at the grocery store for example.

Look at them in the eye and thank them in a clear loud voice. You will realize that it helps you feel more confident and this will help you when you meet your commercial  agents for the first time.

Number Three: Work On What You Have To Bring To The Table

No matter if you are male or female, modeling agencies are going to ask you to do a variety of things like pose and perform in other lifestyle type situations, so you have to make sure that you practice, practice, practice.

It doesn’t help to get up there and do something that doesn’t already feel natural to you. I cannot stress the need to practice enough.

A number of models in the industry today have what we call “signature poses or expressions”. Instead of trying to copy these, watch, learn, and then become an icon yourself.

Developing poses that don’t feel awkward to you is important, and also incorporating your personality into them shows your agency that you are unique and individual.

Number Four: How to Know Your Best Angles for Pictures

One thing that agents require you to bring and that commercial models should never be without is a portfolio of photos. Number is no matter when your selection is filled with unattractive shots of you.

You must choose the ones that you feel flatter your face and figure the best because those are the ones that matter the most.

Study yourself in front of a mirror and find out what your best assets are; the ones that set you apart from everybody else. Especially work on body language and expressive behavior for advertising work.

It’s your uniqueness that makes you noticeable. Once you figure out what your best attributes are, center your shots on those and find out which angles highlight them best. Again, you have to practice and strive toward perfection.

Number Five: How to Be A Good Listener at Commercial Model Agency Interviews

When a director reshuffles your pictures and tells you to throw a couple of them out, or asks you to change the way you stand or walk, follow suit.

Don’t pretend to know better than the interviewer does, because these are people who have been in the industry for much longer than you have. They can spot weaknesses as well as strengths in you that you never even knew you had.

It pays to be a good student and a fast learner. Commercial model agencies will look for that in you.

And don’t forget that when one commercial model management company turns you down, there are a multitude of others still waiting to discover that model in you. Never give up. Find reasons to pick yourself up and try again.

Commercial modelingGo back over this page; watch the short video above for more information and find even more modeling tips for beginners by marking this website as one of your favorites. Read my book to find more tips about commercial modeling.

I hope these secrets to getting started with commercial model agencies gave you some ideas for beginning your career. It’s time now for action so don’t delay in writing down what you have to do – then do it now! Best of luck! – Bob Pardue

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