Chelsea boots for women

Chelsea boots for women

Are you ready to complete your winter fashion wardrobe? Well, don’t forget about these super-cool Chelsea boots for women.

Truth is, there is no substitute for warm winter boots to make you look like you’re the queen of fashion trends.

And yes, boots by Chelsea are in demand this year!

So, I did my research to show you the 5 top-selling Chelsea boots to add to your footwear collection.

Better make room in your closet. Here goes…

ONE: KENDALL + KYLIE Women’s Finley Chelsea Boot

Ready to walk in style? Well, this Women’s Finley Chelsea Boot really fits (pun)! It features leather with a synthetic sole for comfort. And, this Chelsea style comes with a 2.5″ heel so you can look a little taller.

The pointy toe gives you that sleek style which compliments your dresses, slacks & jeans.

WOW! These are some excellent boots!

A fan of the Kardashians I am not. As a matter of fact, I actually hesitated to make this purchase due to the “designers”.

I was in a time crunch and needed black leather boots for a trip this weekend. I love the exaggerated pointy toe on boots when I wear them with long bootcut pants and also needed to find a boot that was going to be able to be walked in for hours at a time.”

These boots for women are available on Amazon & other fine retailers online..

TWO: SOREL Women’s Addington Chelsea Boot

Stylish & comfort – all rolled into one boot! The ankle-high SOREL Women’s Addington Chelsea boot comes with a 2.5″ heel so you can wear it to formal occasions or with your blue jeans. A must-have shoe if you want to remain a fashionista!

I’m pretty particular about shoes since they need to be functional (water proof), comfortable, and fashionable. SOREL rocked it with the Addington Chelsea! I slip these on and feel like I can walk for miles, heck, I could even break into a run if I needed to – the stability on these boots even WITH the fashion heel is incredible.

THREE: Eastland Women’s Ida Chelsea Boot

Maybe for the outdoor girl, the Ida Chelsea boot works for all-terrain style and comfort.

And, you can wear this footwear any day of the week. Enjoy easy on and off with a customized fit.

These Chelsea boots are made from full-grain leather upper, and soft, breathable fabric-lined upper and insole.

Eastland exclusive active memory foam comfort insole supports and conforms to the curves of your foot. This footwear boasts; slip-resistance, lightweight durability and shock-absorbing for real comfort.

I love these boots! Super cute and comfortable, seem well made. The leather is such that it distresses easily, so if you’re looking for perfect looking leather, this is not your boot.

FOUR: FRYE Women’s Melissa Chelsea Boots

A bit on the higher end, these Chelsea boots for women show you are serious about looking more beautiful. People will notice these boots when you walk down the street. Yes, everything about them says “top fashion“.

The FRYE Women’s Melissa Chelsea boot is designed from leather with a latex sole. The American style is timeless so you will enjoy setting fashion trends.

Your new shoes will work with almost any outfit you now have. Or, you can buy a new fashion wardrobe to go with these amazing boots! 🙂

The only short black boots you will ever need!”

I first spotted these boots in Austin at a boot shop for $300. It was much easier to order from Amazon and have them delivered. They are gorgeous and comfortable.

I would highly recommend them. You can dress them up or down. They generate compliments!

AND – FIVE: Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Blake-Ch Chelsea Boot

Finally, this best-selling Chelsea boot review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Blake-Ch Chelsea boots, would it?

These beautiful boots remain naturally comfortable and visually appealing – if you love fashion.

Fact is, this rugged yet fashionable pair of boots add head-turning appeal to all your fashion ensembles.

Crafted with rich leather, the Women’s Blake-Ch Chelsea Boot features a strap design with a buckle accent. You’ll enjoy  style and personality to all your wardrobe.

These boots are wonderful. They were tight when I first got them but broke in quickly. The sole is incredibly comfortable and supportive.

And, I have high arches so I need to add support to my shoes. But, I don’t need any extra support in these boot. So, I can walk comfortably for long periods of time.

So, now you know which Chelsea boots fit your fashion style. Take a minute to click on a couple and read the boot  reviews to make the best shoe-buying choice.

I hope you enjoyed these top 5 Chelsea boots for women reviews and enjoy wearing the very best fashion shoes the market has to offer. Happy shopping! – Bob