Cheap Workout ClothesYes, the New Year is upon us again. Time to start putting those fitness resolutions in effect, isn’t it? First, get some new workout clothes at a discount.

Just because you are doing exercising doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get a bargain on your workout outfit. Here is some info about cheap workout clothes.

So you’ve decided to commit to a regular workout schedule?

Maybe you’re a fashion model who wants to lose some weight, or simply stay fit and trim before you do reach the point of requiring a diet to tame the situation.

Whatever your reason, you usually do need some clothes set apart for the purpose, designated as ‘workout clothes’.

Most people don’t work out in jeans and a tee. So you need a special section of your dresser for your workout clothes, clothes you may not wear elsewhere. Ah, but this means spending money.

How about cheap workout clothes? Ones which are inexpensive, sturdy and well constructed will stand up to your workout routine without blowing a hole in your budget.

Cheap Workout Clothes – Buying Affordable Clothing for Your Workout

So what are workout clothes? More importantly, where do you find cheap workout clothes?

Sports stores usually carry well made, but expensive workout garb. Discount stores usually offer cheap, but poorly made items.

Designer Exercise Outfits

Department stores may carry a mix of designer label, along with less expensive workout clothes, which while appearing to be a bargain, don’t stand the test of time, after a few months of vigorous workouts and dozens of trips through the laundry.

If your choice of workout program is sitting in the living room doing exercises, aerobics or biking, a couple of leotards from a dance supply house are an excellent choice. Leotards last a long time and are available in both short and long sleeved versions, with stylish scoop or v-neck styles and a wide range of colors.

They fit tightly, allowing you complete range of motion throughout your workout. Leotard bottoms come right down to the ankle. You might have to fork over $30-40 for a top and bottom set, but these workout garments will last many years.

Spreading that cost over a five year period comes to $8 a year. That’s cheap workout clothes!

I’ve had leotards which lasted more than five years, still lookin’ good. They hand wash in minutes and dry quickly, fresh and ready for your next workout.

Bike Pants

For biking, you may want to pair a leotard top with Capri style nylon pants for comfortable, serviceable and long lasting workout clothing.

This brings us to thrift store and garage sale finds. You can find terrific cheap workout clothes at these venues. Some people don’t stick to their workout programs for long and so the clothes end up in the garage sale.

Other women like to change their workout wardrobes frequently, just for a change of pace.

They sell to consignment shops, or donate to thrift stores. The clothes you’ll find at consignment and thrift shops must be in good condition, or the shop won’t take them.

You won’t believe the low prices in these shops. You’ll occasionally even find designer label workout clothes, cheaply.

Look for Workout Clothes Bargains

Pay attention to the big sales. In summer, many strip mall shops and department stores hold sidewalk sales to clear out summer stock, at sizzling discounts of 60-80%.

Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and the day after Christmas sales are other major discount shopping days for quality merchandise, such as sweats. So, shop the sales and save lots of money.

If you want to fill that section of your dresser with quality made, cheap workout clothes, the key is simple. Never pay retail. You don’t have to!

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