Teen Modeling Career Meme

Want to Model? Read This Teen Modeling Career Meme Many try, few succeed. But don’t give up hope. Enjoy and share this teen modeling career meme I created just for you. “Teen Modeling – Remember, this is a career and the business should not…


Most Famous Models Meme

Most Beautiful Women – Meme Says Not All Become Famous Models Please share my modeling meme & quote for today?. “The most beautiful women do not necessarily become the most famous models.” ~ Bob Pardue

Contacting Modeling Agencies

Key to Model Agency Success Meme It’s tough becoming a successful model – but possible for many. This key to modeling success meme tells one of many formulas. “The “secret” formula to modeling success is to find out what model agencies want.” ~ Bob…


Way to Dress Meme

The Way to Dress – Meme Shares Fashion Wisdom for Women Having trouble with your ensemble? This “way to dress meme” sums it up. “It’s been said that the way a person dresses is an indication of their personality.” ~ Bob Pardue

Hollywood Audition Meme

Hollywood Audition – Meme Shares Audition Tip If you plan to act in Hollywood, be sure and have some cool audition pieces on hand. This Hollywood audition meme says; “Audition pieces are meant to showcase your strengths and hide your weaknesses.” ~ Bob Pardue

Fashion Quote Meme

Fashion Quote – Meme to Reflect the Fashion Design Industry What is fashion design all about? This fashion quote meme tells one iota of what fashion designing is not about. “Contrary to what many believe, fashion isn’t always about how good you can sketch…


Bob Pardue Quote on Hand Modeling

Bob Pardue Quote on Hand Modeling – Meme Talks Success Hand modeling is an area many have thought about, but haven’t taken action. This meme talks about success in the quote; “No special skills are required to be a hand model if you meet…


Dare to Dream Meme Quote This inspirational dare to dream meme comes from my beauty makeover article. It’s simple. “You can not have what you want if you do not dare to dream that you have it.” ~ Bob Pardue

Modeling – I Did My Best Meme This I did my best modeling meme shares how I feel about new models when I teach them. Share the meme but take the message to heart. “My dream for you is to at least make a…


Bella Hadid Supermodel Meme

Bella Hadid – Supermodel Meme to Share about the Female Supermodel You’ve Heard of Gigi Hadid. But do you know her sister? Bella Hadid is coming soon! According to this Bella Hadid supermodel meme she is on her way to stardom!

Start success meme

Start to Succeed – Meme Says You Have to Begin to Be Successful Read this simple but true start to succeed meme. “The sooner you get started on your dream, the better your chances of being successful.” ~ Bob Pardue

Serious Modeling Career Meme

Serious Modeling Career – Meme about Modeling Websites Have you decided to start a serious modeling career? Meme shares a quote about modeling websites you should pay attention to. By the way, share this meme with your friends. “If you are serious about a…


Canon SX530 Camera Meme

Canon SX530 Camera – Meme Shares Secret Wi-Fi Feature of the Powershot “Built-in Wi-Fi? The Canon SX530 Camera Has It!” ~ Bob Pardue

Model Agency Offer Meme

Model Agency Offer –  Meme Says Check Modeling Agencies Closely This meme to share is all about finding a model agency offer. Check talent agencies out before applying. My quote for today is: “Applying to a Model Agency? Find out what they are offering.”…