Start success meme

Start to Succeed – Meme Says You Have to Begin to Be Successful Read this simple but true start to succeed meme. “The sooner you get started on your dream, the better your chances of being successful.” ~ Bob Pardue

Serious Modeling Career Meme

Serious Modeling Career – Meme about Modeling Websites Have you decided to start a serious modeling career? Meme shares a quote about modeling websites you should pay attention to. By the way, share this meme with your friends. “If you are serious about a…


Canon SX530 Camera Meme

Canon SX530 Camera – Meme Shares Secret Wi-Fi Feature of the Powershot “Built-in Wi-Fi? The Canon SX530 Camera Has It!” ~ Bob Pardue

Model Agency Offer Meme

Model Agency Offer –  Meme Says Check Modeling Agencies Closely This meme to share is all about finding a model agency offer. Check talent agencies out before applying. My quote for today is: “Applying to a Model Agency? Find out what they are offering.”…


Don't Give Up Modeling Meme

Don’t Give Up –  Modeling Meme Quote by Kelly Rowland “Never give up on your dream because you never know what the Lord can bless you with.” ~ Kelly Rowland Don’t give up on modeling either. Take to heart what this modeling meme says…


LBD - Little Black Dress Meme

The Little Black Dress Meme – Every Woman Owns a LBD “Every woman has at least one – A LBD” ~ Bob Pardue Meme quotes about the little black dress.

Beginning Model Meme

Beginning Model – Meme Shares Tip for Beginner Models If you’re asking how to begin as a model then this meme shares one of 8 secrets. How to Begin as a Model? “See an end result of where you want to go in modeling.” ~…


My Wardrobe Giveaway Meme

Win a New Wardrobe! Bob Pardue $300. Wardrobe Giveaway Are you ready to WIN a New Wardrobe from AmazonCom? Check out this cool fashion giveaway here..

What to Wear Meme

What to Wear – Meme Shares How Not to Dress for Lunch with Friends If you plan to go out to lunch with the girls, read this what to wear meme first. “Don’t let your insecurity show by dressing to the nines.” ~ Bob…


Local Modeling Advice Meme

Local Modeling Advice –  Meme Shares Success in Local Modeling Advice Success in Modeling? “Find some good advice from other models who are working locally.” ~ Bob Pardue

Lose Weight Fast Meme

Lose Weight Fast – Meme Shows Simple Weight Loss Tip Lose weight fast meme shares quote by modeling photographer Bob Pardue: “You will have an easier time losing weight by making exercising a good time.”

Hair Model Meme

What is a Hair Model? Meme Gives a Clue She brushes her hair for beauty. Her hair is beautiful and healthy. She sometimes has to change her hair color. She uses the right hair products. This hair model meme tells the short story but…


Model Photographer Reputation Meme

Want to Be a Fashion Model Photographer? Meme Says You Need a Good Reputation “To gain clients, a model photographer needs a good reputation.” ~ Bob Pardue

Get Into Modeling

Becoming a Model – Meme Shows 3 Questions New Models Should Ask Are you set on becoming a model? Here are three questions you need to answer. ~ Do you like to travel? ~ Can you work really hard and at odd hours? ~…