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Ever thought of getting jobs with your digital camera? How about photographing models? Here are some ideas for starting a career in photography for you – if you are willing to study and work hard.

There are lots of amateur shutterbugs who love creating photos of whatever, landscapes, models, history, you name it.

So, if you are one of these people who always has a camera handy, you might consider a career in photography. Get out your digital camera and let’s get started.

For some people, taking pictures is just a now and then activity.

You take pictures of family parties, backyard barbecues and during the holidays. Other people just love the photographic medium, approaching it more as an art form than just a simple snapshot.

How to Start a Career in Photography

You are the type that never leaves home without the camera in tow, always on the lookout for an interesting plant, cloud formation or an intriguing building or person.

Did you ever think of making freelance photography your job? If you love taking pictures, you should take a closer look at some of the income possibilities available to you as a professional photographer.

Photograph what Interests You

Today, photography jobs offer much more than running a portrait studio.

While portraits make interesting subjects and can provide you with a nice living, you can certainly expand your horizons in a variety of venues.

Let’s take a look at just a few areas you may want to explore.

Careers in Commercial Photography

Chances are that you already have some photographs suited to a commercial purpose, right in your photo albums or CD stashes.

Create Photographic Greeting Cards and Sell Them

You’ve probably noticed the blank greeting cards with photos on the front, which are carried in many specialty gift stores.

If not, go take a look at some of these shops. Some have racks of these cards, with subject matter ranging from land and city scapes to humorous animal compositions.

With the abundance of photo software available, it’s easy to enhance that dramatic sunset or make a cutout of that cute and silly dog photo, adding a funny one-liner in a cartoon bubble above his head.

People love these types of original cards. After all, you’re the only one who snapped that particular picture. Your customer won’t find it again elsewhere.

Photographing for Calendars

Creating calendars are another popular way to build careers in photography. Just about everyone has at least one calendar.

Some people are real calendar freaks, with one in the kitchen, one in the home office and a smaller, weekly calendar in the car. The kitchen holds family appointments, birthdays and such. The home office calendar contains client contact information and business appointments.

The car calendar records to-do lists, such as errands, shopping sales info and the like. Hey, some people like to be super organized.

The bottom line here is that you’ve got a lucrative and plentiful niche market, waiting for you to produce the goods!

Artistic Pictures

Here’s yet another way to grow your freelance photography dream. The dyed-in-the-wool camera buff usually has a cache of artsy photos which are well suited to a display in an art gallery.

Or, you can find places to list them online such as Ebay, Etsy among others.

My favorite is Fine Art America. They are very reasonable and will walk you through setting up your website and helping with marketing. I have been using FAA for years – you can see my fine art photo site here.

While you may be reluctant to mass market these special photographs, you may be willing to sell them as limited edition prints at a commensurate price.

Careers in Photography Can Make You a Living

how to start a career in photographyWith just these three venues, you can make a living. You must have a website for maximum exposure. Think of the possibilities! A photography career is not just a dream.

I hope these photography tips were helpful. There is a great course I found to help you through the entire process of becoming a better photographer. It’s called Photography Masterclass. You can see the details here ..

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