Cara Delevingne Weight

Cara Delevingne Weight Issue – Female Supermodel Refuses to Lose Weight for Her Modeling Career

You know her. This is one of the best known female supermodels in the modeling network, right?

And, with all the horror stories of fashion models going on crash diets (and suffering the consequences) it’s no wonder that the Cara Delevingne weight loss issue is hitting the entertainment news.

Cara Delevingne Weight

Cara Delevingne Weight

Cara Delevingne Weight Situation from Latin Post

The first story I found is from the Latin Post and Anny Jules, a staff writer for the site tells:

“But despite her discouragement with wanting to be an actress, Delevingne named her close friend Rihanna as the person who helped her keep faith and hope alive.

Delevingne recalled the time she spoke to Rihanna about wanting to act, and the “B*tch better have my Money” singer told her, “Everything happens for a reason.

You are going to call me back up in a week or two, and you are going to say to me, ‘You are right.'”

Look Closely – Weight is Not a Big Problem for Delevingne

In a recent post by the Wall Street Journal, the Cara Delevingne weight story was summarized in a few short sentences.

All the aspiring models who are working furiously on losing weight need to see this interview. The article simply states:

“This is what a successful model looks like today: not the tallest, not the thinnest, but the one with a following that translates into dollars and influence.

Delevingne’s social-media presence ranks higher than Lady Gaga’s or Justin Timberlake’s (if a bit lower than that of her close friends Rihanna, Taylor Swift and the Kardashians).

Apart from her Chanel ads, Delevingne has landed campaigns for Fendi, DKNY, Topshop, Mulberry (where she designed her own bags) and Tag Heuer (the watchmaker launched a special-edition timepiece bearing her signature).” ..

Other Cara Delevingne Interview Sources

It seems as if the list is endless when researching for a Cara Delevingne interview as People Magazine, Interview Magazine, Vogue UK and others in the media are swarming all over this female model.

Many feel she will become a household name in the modeling network and she certainly doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

Weight and Modeling – How Skinny?

One reason I’m writing this is because, like others, I’m asking myself if this is the beginning of a new trend in fashion modeling careers.

The Cara Delevingne interviews certainly give an indication that the top agents are bending the rules a bit. This might mean that more “realistic” size models could see more opportunity. But I don’t know. – Bob Pardue


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