DSLR Camera Reviews – Read a Detailed Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera Review

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Are you looking for a new single lens reflex digital camera as an amateur or professional photographer?

If so, then look no further than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III which is truly a superstar camera that will give you everything you need, plus more.

In this article we will be doing an in-depth and detailed Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera review that will outline its features, pros and cons. So, without ado, let’s get started.

First of all, this camera is unique in that it not only takes still pictures but also functions as a video camera.

The resolution is a bit higher than that of its predecessor, the Canon Mark II, and it is definitely a superb upgrade since there are numerous added features and capabilities.

More Mark III Features

The exact features of the Mark III includes a 6 frame per second (fps) shooting, 22MP full frame sensor (CMOS), 1080p30 video with stereo sound using an external microphone, shutter rated to 150,000 frames, 63 zone (iFCL metering system), 61 point AF system, 1040k dot 3-2 LCD, dual card slots for CF and SD etc.

The Canon Mark III DSLR camera as you can see is quite an upgrade from the Mark II since it has improvements on almost all functions of its predecessors.

A few added features in the Mark III include CA correction, a touch sensitive rear dial, headphone socket, side by side image comparison, multiple exposure, silent shutter, All-I and IPV video compression options and HDR shooting.

Canon Mark III camerasThe Canon Mark III is also capable of in camera High Dynamic range shooting that is flexible with expanded auto-bracketing options.

It is also capable of recording multiple exposures and has a newly designed menu system which is similar to the EOS-1DX.

There are numerous pros of owning this camera and its superb picture and video quality makes it a steal of a deal.

It has an extremely powerful and fast AF system, easy to configure, has excellent frame coverage along with tons of cross-type points.

The User interface is easy to navigate and configure and the actual body of the camera is very rugged and weather sealed so that it can be comfortably used outdoors.

Cons of Buying a Canon Mark III?

The only major cons about this camera is that it doesn’t have an AF illuminator and is a little too good at noise suppression and sharpening when the camera is at its default settings.

The dynamic range is also limited according to the noise in deep shadows, but in comparison to other cameras, these are only very minor negative aspects.

Final Conclusion? Canon EOS 5D Mark III Gets a 5 Star Rating

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is an excellent professional camera that is affordable in the $3,700 range on Amazon and has racked up an impressive 5 star rating from almost 500 real customers.

This Canon Mark III camera review is definitely not hyped since the ratings speak for themselves.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera ReviewOn Amazon, the majority of the reviews from real users are mostly 5 star reviews which demonstrates the camera’s high quality and how truly impressive it is.

In closing, if you are thinking about getting a new SLR digital camera or an upgrade, then the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is definitely worth considering.

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I hope you enjoyed this Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera review and will check back before purchasing other photographic equipment. Oh, you can also find Canon lenses here to accessorize your new digital camera body. Come again!

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