The Now Famous Candy Necklace Dress – This Female Model is Delicious! (Video)

If you are an aspiring model, then this video Showing the making of Candy where a beautiful fashion model wears a candy necklace dress will give you a good feeling without having to listen to a bunch of conversation.

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“Candy is a collection that originally emerged from one outfit designed for Pracht langs de Gracht.

This event was a theatrical boat trip with art, fashion, poetry and dance and story telling of historical locations through the canals of  The Hague.

This took place during Museumnight on the 1st of September 2012, organized by Lonneke van Leth Producties & De Ooievaart. Dorrith showed an outfit partially made of candy necklaces at the former location of the Candy Factory at the Zoutkeetsingel in

The Hague where the famous candy chains were invented in the 1950’s. The candy was sponsored by Look-o-Look and after this event she continued working with the candy.

At the formal location of the Candy Factory at the Zoutkeetsingel in The Hague, where the famous candy chains were invented in the 1950’s, Dorrith showed an outfit partly made of candy necklaces.

– Fashion & accessories: Dorrith de Roode Bags: Marlous de Roode Photography

– Michael Danker Hair / Make-up

– Charlotte Mailhe Model

– Iris Coopmans Video: Andrew Chin”

Have You Watched the Making of Candy?

I like it because of the smooth transition it shows in transforming a beautiful girl into an amazing looking fashion model.

The Model’s Hair

Just looking at the hairdo and the way the fashion clothes work makes this video worth your time.

My first impression of this female model’s hair was “What?” – but then it started to grow on me (no pun intended).

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this modeling video of the Making of Candy.

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  2. Those who watch things happen
  3. Those who don’t know what’s happening

You’ve watched the candy necklace video and I hope you enjoyed it. Now, fun is great but let’s get serious about your modeling career. If you want to learn more about modeling – go here for tips and a free gift!




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Original video here.

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