Can I become a fitness model

The Frequently Asked Question – Can I Become A Fitness Model? Discover 12 “Secrets” to Become a Fitness Model

Girls with those hard bodies & incredible abs often ask the question; Can I become a fitness model and work in entertainment?

This is always a loaded question but the twelve secrets below will give you an idea.

Can I become a fitness model

Can I become a fitness model

Do you think you have what it takes to become a fitness model? In this article, find theĀ  12 “Must KnowTips of the modeling industry!

Secret # 1 – You MUST be incredibly photogenic!

Pictures are important for your fitness modeling portfolio and your modeling book becomes your resume.

Once agents view your portfolio, they decide whether they want more of you or not. You need to look like a fitness model and get your emotions in pictures!

This is a skill that will improve once you believe in yourself. Photos keep your energy firm, the more energy you have (self-confidence, charisma, fun), the stronger your photo will be.

Secret # 2 You MUST be irresistible!

A model must have something about her that makes people want to continue watching her. No matter what you look like, you can always appeal to others and become irresistible!

This is actually much easier than you think. It is best to learn how to be completely honest with yourself. And if you do that it will shine through.

Secret # 3 – You MUST know how to walk on the catwalk!

As a fitness model the catwalk a very important achievement! There’s also a lot of money to make right there.

If you can not walk on the catwalk, it can be a very long process of disappointments, because you get far fewer bookings in the beginning.

Can I become a fitness model

Can I become a fitness model

Secret # 4 – Again, be confident!

Someone who has no experience, but is fun, is still able to get some cool assignments as well!

A male or female model without personality simply cannot be a model.

Open your mind and think positively about yourself and others, work on your ego and your incredibly fun personality!

Secret # 5 – Beautiful skin is a plus

Models have a beautiful skin and that is exactly what agents want! A fit body is not enough. It’s also easy to get a beautiful skin but you have to know how.

Go and visit a beautician that knows how to give you advice on how you can treat your skin best.

Secret # 6 – You MUST know where and how to be discovered!

To become a model in the fitness or commercial field you need to be discovered by an agent or scout.

You should consider carefully with whom you are dealing with. Do your research!

Secret # 7 – You need a lot of will power!

Most people are simply never going to make it in fitness modeling because they do not have the will power. In this industry you will have a lot of competition, which means you have to be strong to be a good and successful model.

First, make stress and anxieties disappear. These symptoms are created by yourself. Look at things differently and reduce the stress!

Secret # 8 – Your body MUST be in shape!

This demands that you do sport and fitness. Your weight mass must be at its optimum.

Other models stay in great shape and so should you. And it’s really worth it, you feel good when you exercise.

In fact, I wrote an entire newsletter series about keeping healthy and in shape. I highly recommend you sign up (no charge).

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Secret # 9 – Know what you eat!

As a model, you should eat healthy, but you need to lose weight quickly without looking unhealthy.

When you decide to make an effort to slim down, be sure you do it responsibly.

With healthy food along with other regular programs, everyone can look healthy! Starvation is not an option!

Secret # 10 – You must banish your fears and your negative thoughts!

The most popular and promising models are not where they are now because of fear.

Before you step into that office you need to make sure you are confident rather than scared.

Just be fearless! After all, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, but with time you control shyness and fears. You can literally shut them off!

Secret # 11 – You have to set goals for yourself!

Successful fitness contenders know how to set goals for themselves. Setting goals will keep you motivated and focused.

Secret # 12 – You need to know where your look is wanted, so you can know where to earn money!

Each model has a specific look and each talent company is looking for a different look!

Once you know where you are wanted, you will save yourself a lot of energy, time and money.

Example: Many commercial models who want to get involved in fitness are often rejected because they apply to high fashion agencies. This is not where they are wanted.

So, Can I Become a Fitness Model? Truthfully, Fitness Modeling is Not for Everyone

Although this is the dream of many girls, few ever take the steps to jump into the profession of swim wear or sports related display.

Either they do not have the hard body needed, or the tenacity to do the daily bodybuilding techniques to make it happen.

They say things like “Maybe I’ll learn to model soon.” or “I’ll get started tomorrow.” As a professional model photographer, I can assure you this doesn’t work!

The women who make it and discover they can do it, or at least get local industry jobs are the one’s with daily and yearly goals.

Want to Be a Fitness Model? Do Something Today!

They have benchmarks to meet every day in order to get those six-pack abs or toned legs so they are in the right position when the opportunity arises.

These are the people who become professionals, become Hawaiian Tropic girls or grace the cover of VS catalogs.

Take time to learn these model tips and practice every day on your craft, not just your body. You’ll soon know the answer to the question of whether or not you can become a fitness model in this network. Take inventory of your qualities – then go for it!

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Remember, fitness modeling takes time to develop. But, I hope these FAQ will help you understand what you need to do. – Bob

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