Important Information about Model Portfolios and Top List Teen Modeling Agencies in California

If you are planning a career in California entertainment you’ll want to study these modeling career tips for contacting modeling agencies in CA. more than once.

Get ready and learn what it takes for teens to get started in fashion, catalog or runway.

You’ll also need to find a good photographer who can deliver professional pictures the agents will love.

Taking time to study and learn what you need to do to be a model is something many teens and adults skip.

Most top list companies start their talent search for male and female at 13 to 15 years.

These tips for California modeling will give you some requirements and guide you through the uncertain world of California entertainment.

California Modeling Jobs - How to Get Them

California Modeling Jobs

Advice and Requirements for California Models

Do you love to jump in front of the digital camera, have your picture taken or be the center of attention?

Do you have a passion for high fashion clothes and spend all your money on the latest trends and buy new outfits?

Have you thought about modeling as a profession or considered schools for performing arts?

In California, modeling has a growing popularity for teenagers and adults; especially women.

More and more teens, especially those between the ages of 13 to 15 years, have been trying their hand at it.

How Important is a Portfolio?

Having a professional modeling portfolio and finding a good photographer has become more and more important for those looking into being a model.

Here are some of the important things that you should know when building pictures for your portfolio.

Before you run out and hire a professional photographer you need to decide which type pictures, and the types of performance you want to do.

And, know the requirements for each. There are three main categories of modeling that CA based teenage girls and guys go into.

These are commercial, high fashion and runway modeling.

Freelance California modelingCommercial Jobs

Commercial modeling in California requires real people.

They are looking for women and men, and even families doing real things.

California modeling agencies are also looking for male and female models of all ages, heights and weights; from super young to mature seniors.

These are the people you usually see in catalogs, on television in commercials and newspaper ads.

A tip for teenagers and others who want to break into commercial modeling, the agencies want to see photos of you in real lifestyle ( slice of life ) situations including some really good indoor and outdoor shots.

Hire a good model portfolio photographer who has professional experience with these type pictures and she / he should be able to help you create digital or print images to put on you comp cards or in your photo book.

High Fashion Top List Models

Fashion model work is another popular category that most people try to get into, there is a lot of fashion modeling careers made in California and it is becoming even more popular.

Many young guys and lasses go east to apply to big agencies like Ford Model Management, IMG or Elite.

But, look in your own back yard too.

Many of the high, top list agents are available for open calls in Los Angeles.

Other California cities might not have quite as many but local scouts are worth contacting also.

Your modeling career might not challenge the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio or Kate Moss but you can do nicely with some of these agents.

Check directories and your local phone book for open cast call dates so you can set up an interview.

Any of the giant agencies will take your career to new heights if accepted.

But, it’s up to you and your look as to where you fit in as a California model.

A good photographer will be one of the first steps for those who want to entertain in this category and the types can be much more involved.

This includes runway, major magazines and catalogs, including top names on the list like Vogue, Seventeen or walking the catwalk at a nationwide fashion show.

How Many Pictures?How to start in California modeling

You need to have a large variety of photos that cover every angle.

You need to have head shots and a variety of indoor and outdoor photos in various poses and outfits.

Make sure that you include shots posing in a swimsuit as well as a few candid type pictures in casual outfits for good measure.

For CA and other modeling agencies, you’ll need two headshots without makeup; one straight on and one profile picture to round out your portfolio.

What About Comp Cards?

In addition to a book of photographs, you might want to get some comp cards printed.

These include full color and black and white photos, are normally about 6×9 inches and are finished with your contact and other information you want agents to consider.

These composite cards (real name) are very inexpensive and can be purchased at some local California print shops but most models order them online.

This is a great addition to your professional portfolio and you can leave them with the agents you contact to keep on file.

These calling cards could possibly land you a model agency interview down the road.

A thought to consider for serious models.

California Runway Models – Agency Requirements

If you are looking into doing runway in California, or even high fashion modeling, make sure that you contact the agency scout first because they have very specific requirements and it may not be worth applying if you do not qualify.

In this category, height and weight are important.

How Tall do You Need to Be for Runway Modeling?

You’ll need to know how tall you need to be which is normally between 5’9″ and 5’11” for teenage girl models and 5’11” up for males with appropriate body proportions.

The agent will want to see one shot in swimwear or maybe a tight fitting sweater to show your figure.

You’ll also need a flawless complexion and straight, white teeth to be considered.

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Your Portfolio – Are You Satisfied ?

Before looking into searching for any California modeling agency, make sure that you have a portfolio of pictures ready, preferably by someone who is a professional and knows about good pictures.

Every agent or talent scout has different requirements but you should always have the basics.

When posing for your professional photographer, remember that every portfolio should include a head shot of you with little or no make up in natural lighting both indoor and outdoor as previously stated.

Wear a variety of outfits and clothing that suits your look and body type.

And, lastly, only include your very best pictures in a modeling portfolio. There is no room for mediocrity.

The talent agencies want to see the blank canvas so that they know what the foundation is to work with. a professional modeling portfolio in California for teenagers, female, male or seniors costs anywhere around $800 to $1,000.

Seem high? Actually a small investment to start a career.

Make sure that you get all the reprint rights needed from your photographers so that you can make duplication’s and contact, or comp cards if you like.

Now, find a good photography company and get started with your new career!

Ready For the Big Step?

Becoming a California model is simple but takes hard work to be successful.

Follow these tips and advice, practice everyday and get good at posing techniques.

Evaluate your look and be honest with yourself as to where you belong as a performing artist.

Do these things and you can be realistic about becoming the next top list California model.

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