buy cheap shoesDoes a fashion model’s shoes have to be expensive to look great? Find out in this affordable shoe article. There are times to buy expensive shoes, and there are times to buy cheap shoes.

I know that many won’t buy anything that might be cheap, but there are many times when I do just that.

There are some very good reasons to spend very little money on a pair of shoes, and in these cases, buying something expensive is a waste of money.

Buy Cheap Shoes for Less $ Than You Could Imagine  & Make Them a Part of Your Closet

By: A Female Model Who Has No Name

Some shoes have to be well made and will have a high price tag on them, but there is no sense in every single pair of shoes in a closet to be of the expensive kind.

Buying Cheap Shoes for Occasional Wear

I buy cheap shoes when I know I am not going to wear them very often. Many times I will buy something that I love, but I know that I am not going to wear them only a few times.

Why would I drop a ton of money on something that will not be worn very often?

Usually, I wear such shoes five or six time before they are then thrown out. This happens because I don’t dress up very often, and most styles will go out of style within a year.

Though I have some that are stylish no matter what, the trendy shoes die out fast. That is when I buy the cheap shoes. To do otherwise is a waste of my money.

No Cheap Shoes for Children

I would not, however, recommend buying cheap shoes for your children if they are involved in sports.

However, if you want a pair of shoes for special occasions, it does not hurt to get them at Payless as long as they are safe to wear.

Children outgrow shoes rapidly, and I can’t imagine spending fifty dollars on a pair of shoes my daughter will wear three times before she outgrows them.

That is a colossal waste of money. My rule is cheap shoes for special occasions, and expensive shoes when I know she is going to wear them quite often.

Warning about Discounted Shoes

You do have to be careful with some cheap shoes though. You don’t want something that will break or hurt your child while they are wearing them.

Make sure you inspect any cheap shoes you are considering to be sure they are going to be safe and snug on the feet.

You don’t want to buy sneakers that are going to fall apart within weeks, or discount shoes that might not be secure while the kids are playing sports or riding bikes.

They could get hurt that way. Use common sense when buying cheap shoes online or in a store and you should be fine.

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