Business Trips Tips

Business Trips Tips – Mix Business with Pleasure

Business Trips TipsGetting ready to travel for your company — or, for your own individual business?

If so, I’ve got some exciting (secret) news for you!

Did you know that business trips don’t have to be all about business?

You’ve been there I’m sure!

Truthfully, there are times when you have completed your work for the day.

When you’re done with the necessary portion of your trip, you can…

  • take in some of the local color,
  • attractions
  • night life
  • and good food

as part of your visit to an area.

This is especially true if you travel near a historic or travel vacation destination. Instead of just reading blog posts like this one, you can create your own travel story while conducting business! 🙂

Personally, my business trips are mostly fun. As a stock and fine art photographer, I use road trips across the USA to add to my galleries.

Now, you may not be able to use all your business trip for fun but you can enjoy some of your free time!

So, remember…

Business Trips Don’t Have to be All Business

Local Flavor

The first resource to tap to find out what is really cool to enjoy in the city or town you are visiting are the locals.

If you go to a far away town to conduct business with a partner or vendor, they can show you the lay of the land. And, they”ll know what is fun to see and do in town!

Make some Business and Fun Travel Goals

First, it’s important to know your objectives on a business trip and to set out with those goals in mind — and to accomplish them.

But, along the way, something rather amazing happens when you travel on business.

You may get to go to some pretty awesome travel destinations along the way.

Now, you can see things you never would have sought out; if you keep your wits about you as you travel.

Take a Guided or Self Tour

If you can make friends with a local business associate in your destination town, you should get an amazing tour of the area. With a local as your travel guide, you’ll see areas and sites the tourists will never find.

And no, it isn’t that difficult to woo a local to be your guide.

If you have expense account money, you can arrange to buy your guide dinner on the company dime. They get a good meal for free and you get a guided tour of the area. It’s a win-win!

Fine art photo of Key West Lighthouse Florida

Fine art photo of Key West Lighthouse Florida — See print details here..

The Tourist Trap (Not Really)

Don’t be afraid to be a tourist if you are in a great city or resort area and want to see the local iconic sites.

For instance, if your trip takes you to Beaufort, South Carolina and you want to take a self-tour of the low country marshlands or the lighthouse at Hunting Island, you should do it!

Frankly, these business trips create great memories! And, after all, you worked very hard on your business objectives while visiting so you are entitled to some relaxation, aren’t you?

Timing Your Business Travel is Everything!

One of the best ways to get some free time to enjoy the local events and attractions is to time your trip if possible.

For instance, if you arrive at your hotel on Friday but your work continues Monday, you’ve got the weekend to enjoy the attractions and sights.

In fact, many businesses would prefer pay for two nights in a hotel and meals rather than fly you home and back out again.

So, you can keep your rental car and have two days to simply become a tourist for a while. This way, you’ll spend your time exploring the local flavor.

How to Find Local Events

This part requires that you do a bit of research. But, if you’re anything like me, I enjoy finding out more about areas I visit.

So, to find those unique events in town that not many know about, read the local newspaper.

Take time to look for those little local culture brochures or papers like the Sun News in Myrtle Beach. Simply put, these papers carry details of festivals and events going on around the area.

And, they announce what is happening in the clubs and theaters in town so you can find plenty to see and do.

When you check out these information resources, It’s easy to find regional celebrations not far away to participate in.

And then, you’ll pretend to be a local for a few hours enjoying plenty of fun along the way.

Surrounding Travel Locations away from Your Business Destination

If you find a couple days to explore, don’t be afraid to travel a bit to see some things not too far away.

On the east coast, a trip up Highway Seventeen will move you through some of the most scenic low country SC scenery you can imagine. It takes you through Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Beaufort, to name a couple.

And you can linger in Beaufort and take a handsome cab tour if you want.

Finally, if you already have a rental car, many South Carolina companies like Enterprise do not charge for mileage. So, you can travel around the area very inexpensively and use your free time to see the state.

Or, go to the grand strand with its excellent beach near your hotel. At most, you’ll pay for  a tank of gas. And, for that you could stumble upon one of the greatest sights in the country!

The options are almost limitless! So, go for it!

Fine art picture Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach

Fine art photo of Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach South Carolina – Details here..

Fine art photo of SC low country marsh

“Girl in the Marsh” fine art picture shows the low country around Beaufort South Carolina

Don’t Waste Your Business Trip!

Take advantage of your business travel to see the world!

Yes, take some time to have some fun on your journey. You’re already there, aren’t you? Do you plan to just sit around the hotel room watching a repeat on TV while an amazing side trip is right outside your window?

And remember, the song says; “Stop and smell the roses along the way”.

Life is short — Don’t miss it!

If you decide to mix your working trip with a little pleasure, you will come home with successful news to deliver to your company. And, you’ll accumulate a nice set of new travel memories to keep for a long time to come.

Oh, and remember to snap plenty of pictures — I do!

Enjoy! – Bob Pardue


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