How To Brighten Your Eyes with Dramatic Make Up Changes

Windows of the soul as the saying goes so you really want to take good care of your eyes, no matter if you are a model or just love to look pretty. Here are a few make up tips and eyeshadow ideas for brighter eyes and enhancing your beauty.

Brighter eyes

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How to Get Brighter Eyes

There is often nothing you can do about the color of the whites in your eyes. Eating well can lead to a whiter white, but the difference many not be all that noticeable.

And, with the exception of color contact lenses your eye color is normally blue, brown or maybe hazel. You were born with the baby blues you have and that you can’t change.

That does not mean you have to give up on having the youthful and bright look. What you have to do is to find out some exotic or fantasy make up ideas that can help have those dramatic eyes to draw people in.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips for Brighter Eyes

Many of these are very simple, and you may wonder why you didn’t think them up on your own. You may already have what you need at home, or you can get the required items wherever you buy your makeup.

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Using Eyeliner to Brighten

One application that helps to brighten eyes also helps them to appear larger. This is done with a stick of white eyeliner. You may have a difficult time finding this in your favorite brand, but look through all brands in the store. Someone will have it. If not, order it online.

What you do is apply your normal eyeliner as you always do, and then add a line of white underneath the eye under your normal color. This may look funny to you at first, but no one will notice.

It will make the eye look bigger, and give you a fresh look. You may have to experiment to get it just right, but it works very well.

Make Up Your Eyes For A Younger Look

Another trick to give you those neon eyes is one that some also use to look younger. You probably have a few different shades of foundation in your house that you bought only to find were not quite right for you.

Time to Throw Away Some Makeup?

I know that I always put these away in the cosmetics drawer because they are so expensive, and throwing them out hurts a bit. So, like so many other women, these costly beauty products lie there helplessly until the date expires and then I can throw them out without guilt.

Lighter is the Key to Brighter Eyes

You want to look through these and get out the one that is too light, but still close to your natural skin color. If you don’t any you can use, all you have to do is go out and purchase one shade lighter (or even two) than the one you always wear.

You can accomplish two things with this application. What you want to do is to apply your normal foundation as you always do.

Then, to acquire a younger and more vibrant look, you want to take the lighter shade and dab it under each eye. Blend it in and stand back. This should take away any dark circles under your eyes that have aged you, and it should also bring your eyes forward quite well.

Move on Down

You can apply the lighter color around your mouth where deep lines have occurred to look even younger. As we all know, wrinkles are not welcome on our faces. Once you have blended, add your powder to keep it in place.

Now, you have that beautiful face you desire when you look in the lighted makeup mirror. You will love the way you look when you are done applying your new makeup ideas. Hello, bright eyes!

Learning about a fantasy make up to have brighter eyes doesn’t have to be rocket science.

With these eye care tips you will be off and running to the makeup counter.

Now, you can avoid doing any type of dramatic make up changes by buying a nice pair of cheap designer sunglasses but you don’t want to do that, do you? d:-)

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