The Informal Look of Formal Bridesmaid Shoes

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I know the wedding gown will cover them in most cases but shouldn’t you take time to pick out some nice fashionable bridesmaid shoes from the bridal shop before the ceremony?

Getting Married? Picked Out the Bridesmaid Shoes Yet?

The Groom Will Wear What He Will but What about the Bridesmaid Shoes?

If you have to be in a wedding, you already know that you have to buy a dress, and you probably have to buy one that the bride picks out for you.

You might also have to buy new bridesmaid shoes, and this is where you should ask for some flexibility.

The Best Types of Bridesmaid Shoes?

Though many brides will want you to have matching shoes, they may be a little more flexible with the type that you can get. There are certain times when you should shy away from high heels, and you have to think about the other girls in the ceremony as well.

You may not have a problem with standing for long periods of time in heels, but some of the other girls many not be use to them. It is important to know what everyone is comfortable with when buying bridesmaid shoes.

This is even more important if you are going to be in a catholic wedding, or another type that can have a very long ceremony. Even those who are use to standing around or wearing heels might find the ceremony to be too much if they have the wrong bridesmaid shoes.

A Bridesmaid Shoe Story

When I had my wedding, I let one of my girls choose the bridesmaid shoes. She was the one girl that did not wear heels very often, so I thought she’d pick the best ones.

As it turned out, she chose something that had more of a heel than I thought she would choose.

All of my girls said the shoes were not too bad, but I did have a short ceremony. They took their bridesmaid shoes off shortly after the reception started, so they didn’t have too many problems.

Had I insisted they keep them on though, they may have had aching feet.

Finding Different Types of Bridesmaid Shoes

If you really want to have a certain type of bridesmaid shoes for your wedding, make sure you take pity on your girls and allow them some relief. Some brides get their girls slippers that they can wear at the reception.

There are some really great ones out there, and many of them come in colors that will match your wedding colors and your girl’s dresses. They can slip them on for dancing, and put their bridesmaid shoes back on for pictures.

You might find that the shoes you choose won’t bother some of your girls, but you should always check with everyone.

It seems like an unimportant detail when you are planning your wedding, but if your girls are uncomfortable in their bridesmaid shoes, they aren’t going to have a good time. In the end that is what will matter most. After all, you want friends after the wedding ceremony too! Take a look at some discounted shoes for bridesmaids here ..

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