breathe when you pose

How to Pose Like a Model? Breathe! Make Everyday Photos Shine

Did you know that even if you aren’t a model, you can use their technique to make yourself look more beautiful in photos? So, breathe when you pose! It’s easier than you might think, and can really make the photos you are in stand out.

And you don’t have to learn how to pose for modeling from a fancy model class either – you can do it all on your own. (Although if you want to be a professional model, you might consider some modeling classes).

Breathe When You Pose

Breathe When You Pose

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Start by making a habit out of learning from the things you see. Pay attention to the way models pose in magazines, on TV, and on billboards, and add them to the way you act in front of the camera.

Here are some things to help you get some great shots for your portfolio.

Breathe When You Pose. Don’t ever hold your breath for a photo.

Always keep your back straight and your shoulders upright and even back a bit.
Point your nose away from the camera, which will move your whole face away from the camera.

This gives you a profile photo, which is often prettier than a straight on image.

Do something with your hands and feet. Put your hand on your hip, put one foot out, etc.

These are just a few simple modeling tips to show you how to pose for your model pictures.

With some research, practice and experimentation you’ll be posing like those female models you admire in no time at all.

Work at it and get in front of the camera.

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Best of luck, Bob Pardue

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