Experience the New Blue Jean Skirt Revolution

blue jean skirtI’ve been around a while and ever since I was young (and before) blue jeans have been around. So, thought I’d share this story a woman wrote about wearing denim skirts so you could think about this fashion statement yourself. Denim never felt so good against you skin – I can account for that. Try a blue jean skirt on for size before you make a final decision on this fashion material.

You’ll Look Fantastic in Your Blue Jean Skirts

As I was school shopping with my daughter, I noticed that many things that were in style when I was her age are back again.

They look a little different of course, but the basic design and colors are that of which I remember from my childhood.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, but as long at they are modernized a bit, I guess that is just fine.

The Fashion Trends Continue …

Fashion goes in circles anyway it seems, and it was just a matter of time before things like the denim skirt came back into current fashion.

My Favorite Outfit

I remember that one of my favorite things when I was young was a blue jean skirt that I wore for about two years. I loved it, and each time it was cleaned I would want to wear it again.

The color faded and wore a bit, of course, but back then, the worn look was in.

I dressed up it until my mother decided that it was too small for me, and she gave it away to someone else (hopefully who needed it more than me). I was upset for a little while, and I never did find another one I liked as much as the one given away.

It might have been for the best though, as I really liked to wear dresses more as I grew a bit older.

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When I was shopping with my model daughter, I bought her quite a few different things. I got jeans, dresses, and skirts.

I made sure she had at least one skirt of denim to wear.

Just So So?

She seems to like it, but she really doesn’t care much at this point. As long as it is clothing, she’ll wear it.

I know when she gets older that will change, so I am glad I can buy what I want her to wear, at least for a little while.

I don’t think she’ll become as attached to her clothes as I was, but she does love to wear any type of skirt.

Style & Fashion Changes

The difference from the denim outfits I wore as a child and the one that I got for her is something you really can’t see when looking at them. The style is a bit different, of course, but there are some improvements in the looks and cut.

So, next time you are shopping for a new wardrobe don’t forget to add a jean skirt or two made of denim along with some sassy tops in order to round out your closet. Maybe you can use them to create a new look for your next fashion model shoot.

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