Strut Your Stuff With A Choice Of Blacker Than Black Fashion Footwear

The words fashion and shoes go together like peas and carrots – trendy fashion models and everyday women love them!

And, nothing says current fashion better than black shoes to wear with that LBD when you go out. Here is a footwear story you’ll want to keep filed for later.


When looking for a shoe sale don’t let the color black pass you by. These dark footwear products can really help with your fashion wardrobe.

One of the better things about wearing black fashion shoes, whether you are a man or a woman, is that they go with everything.

From a tux to an evening dress to going to play basketball on the courts at the park, black shoes can be used for everything.

Any wardrobe item in black will match with virtually everything you own in fashion.

The Advantage of Black Shoes

A time to dress up and put on nice clothes is a time when black shoes can be taken advantage of.

For men black shoes can go with everything from a tuxedo to a nice business suit. It really doesn’t matter as for the men black shoes can match with pretty much whatever outfit you choose.

Maybe wearing dark shoes with a baby blue pinstriped seersucker suit is not the way to go but you won’t be that out of place as if you were wearing red cowboy boots.

A Black Tie Affair Begs For These Dark Darlings

For women the same can be said as they can accessorize well with most formal wear. In fact, with many of the new footwear designers opting for comfortable shoes, it’s not unusual to see a woman wearing a pair of rhinestone studded sandals to a fancy event.

Your new pair of black shoes, whether they are sandals or a pair of high heels, can be complementary for everything from casual pants to a little miniskirt. Most women can easily find several pairs in their closet.

Everyday Footwear?

For the regular wear and tear of everyday footwear, black shoes are the way to go as they hide most scratches, scuffs, and dirt. They still look great for this reason as the color of them hides all the wear and tear of heavy usage.

For this reason black shoes for athletics, the sport doesn’t matter, are a good choice as they don’t look as worn as white sneakers as the color hides any wear or scuff marks that always occur during sports.

Black shoes are worn predominately on the baseball diamond and soccer field as the color doesn’t show the dirt that is present on the fields.

How to Make Black Shoes Last Longer

Black shoes shined with a nice polish can bring out the luster of the shoe making them look very sharp no matter what the occasion.

Because of this, dark colored footwear tend to last a little longer as they camouflage the signs of everyday foot traffic.

This is especially true after a quick application of black shoe polish.

Finding a Real Shoe Sale

Black shoe saleEvery woman -and man for that matter- has something that they know they buy just too much of, but they keep buying anyway.

I know my weakness is shoes, though my husband would say it is both shoes and purses. I see these items in the top fashion magazines and I have to get a pair!

He’s right of course, as I have too many of both. However, when I see a pair that I have to have, I get them. The same can be said for the times when I find a really great purse. One of my favorite events, as you can imagine, is a shoe sale.

There are times when my fashion police eyes believe a shoe sale is a great idea, and other times you might not be getting what you think you are getting. There are some times when a shoe sale is not really a sale at all, or if it is, you are getting shoes that are off season.

If this does not matter to you, then you can find great deals on some great shoes. However, if you don’t like to wear shoes that might be a season or two old, you might want to look things over in any sale carefully so you know what you are getting.

Remember That Discount Items Are Not Always Up to Date

If you don’t care much about when the footwear was released to the public, and you just know what you like, then any fashion event of this type will be plenty of fun.

If you are going to a happening at your regular store, you probably don’t have to think about much except finding what you need.

One the other hand, watch out for the fashion footwear sale that is done at a store that offers deep discounts on almost anything.

The shoes on sale might just be defective, so look at more than style and fit. Look to see if they are well made or if they look like they may fall apart the first time you walk out of the house in them.

Other Things To Watch For

You should also watch out for a sale on black shoes that offers great prices, but you arrive only to find that what they have is not what you want.

In fact, you can’t imagine anyone wearing some of the shoes they have discounted.

What you may have run into is an old trick some retailers use. They offer foot wear no one else wants for a great price, and when you can’t find what you want, you will then spend money on more expensive high fashion shoes because you are in the mood to shop. ‘Nuff said!

Now, let’s finish up the story about buying black shoes so you can go shopping with peace of mind.

In Summary – Black Shoes are Almost Always “In”

From the ballroom to the boardroom or from the basketball court to the baseball diamond and everywhere in between – heck I even have a high heel shoe chair can you believe it?, black shoes can be worn with a myriad of outfits.

You can be certain of the fact that pretty much no matter what you are doing, by wearing black shoes you won’t look out of place.

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