Black and White Photography – Photographing the Fine Art Picture

black and white photography

BW Model photo by Bob Pardue

The photographic world of fine art never goes away so black and white photography lives on today. For a while, special effects were the end-all and be-all of photography.

People were obsessed with all of the different things they could do with computer touch-ups, green screens, and the like.

Nowadays, we’ve gotten to the end of all that. We can do basically anything we want with an image – so, black and white photography is back in full swing.

We can make a photo realistic picture of something that never really happened. Paradoxically, however, this has had a sort of conservative influence on the photographic industry.

My fashion models are now bored of special effects, and bw photography is making a big resurgence. It is more popular than it has been in years.

These Pictures Have Only Been in Hiding

Of course, black and white fine art photography never went away. There have always been black and white photography galleries in fashionable art districts around town.

Nonetheless, for a while they were dwindling. First people were experimenting with novel effects through developing, then they were editing their photos on the computer.

When digital cameras became better and better, it seemed like black and white photos were on the way out for a while. I shouldn’t have discounted it . Photographing in black and white has been around for a long time, and will be around for a long time to come.

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Benefits of Shooting Black and White Images

For many applications, black and white is simply a better option. Color can be vivid, but sharp light and shadow is even more so.

Whether you’re photographing fashion models, or taking pictures of architecture, black and white photography can really capture form of a lot better than color can. It reduces the picture to its bear essentials, And in those essentials there is a beauty and harmony.

Seen the BW Magazine Ads Lately?

Even cutting-edge advertising is going back to black and white photos. Nowadays, most of the best fashion magazines feature more black and white photography than color.

The industry is notoriously finicky, and no one really knows how long it will last, but it is still a sign that people are not willing to break with the past.

Digital Camera Options

You’ll find plenty of photography tips which point to use of film – and plenty who swear by digital black and white photography.

Of course, digital SLR cameras have done great things for black and white photography. It was not so long ago that, if you wanted to get a very clean well developed black and white photo, you had to have an expensive camera and your own darkroom. This is true no longer.

Nowadays, black and white photography is within the reach of anyone who can afford a moderately priced digital camera. Although some people still use film, it is by no means necessary anymore.

So, if you want some drama in your model or fine art photos, take time to do some black and white photography. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Happy shooting!

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