The Big Aussie Style Secret – What Do Australia Girls Have to Offer Fashion?

From: WhoWhatWear by Jessica Schiffer

Big Aussie Style SecretIf you are frustrated with what to wear and the fashion outfits you’re going to purchase this advice is meant for your eyes only. Just in time for summer the big Aussie style secret is out! Let’s see what’s happening on the fashion scene from Down Under.

I was reading this article from Who What Wear and since I’ve always been fascinated with Australia, the country, the people and the fashion styles I thought I’d share.

Let’s take a quick peek and see what this country has to offer in fashion sense. Now you can imitate some of those cool styles, add to them and make them your own this year. Then, you’ll become the girl known for leading the pack. How great is that?

It’s No Wonder Australia is a Fashion Style Power

Although Australia’s appeal is news to nobody (I mean, we’ve all seen Our Lips Are Sealed, right?), the country/continent hybrid has finally been getting its due on the fashion scene these last few years.

Whether it’s thanks to supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Abbey Lee Kershaw or top bloggers like Jessica Stein and Zanita Whittington, one thing has quickly become clear: Australian style is top-notch, and we’d like it for ourselves, please.

Luckily, despite the fact that our seasons are completely reversed, a lot of Australia’s favorite fashion trends are versatile enough to work in different temps.

With that in mind, we rounded up five of our favorite Aussie style tips that you can return to throughout the year. See some cool fashion outfits here ..

To view the Aussie fashion styles mentioned here, you can see some examples where the original news came from below. I hope you enjoyed this piece from Down Under and will use common sense when deciding what to wear, and when. – Bob


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