If You Are a Busy Model, Stop and Read These 5 Better Fitness Tips

Any worker in America can tell you just how bad working can be on your health. No matter if they sit at a desk for eight hours, look at a computer screen or spend the entire day on their feet.

And, models are not exempt from the same issues. They look for better fitness tips to “magically” get back in shape. But, there is no magic formula. Sometimes better health is right in front of you – a little at a time.

In fact, models who visited my studio for the first time were amazed at the end of the day. They were physically spent! And, they realized that modelling can really take a physical toll on the body.

The Health Risks of Modelling

Runway models, and commercial talent as well, risk..

  • stiff leg joints
  • repetitive foot injury
  • and back pain.

But, no matter if you became a model, or chose a different profession, one of the biggest risks of our working life is weight gain, especially for busy models.

That’s why I posted this. You’ll find 5 better fitness tips to help you adjust to the strains and stress of the modeling world.

And, if you decide to leave the entertainment industry, these fitness tips will stay with you. They give common sense approach to staying healthy. So, listen closely…

better fitness tips

better fitness tips

Model or Not – These Fitness Tips Rock!

Even those models who are on their feet during their workday face challenges. Truth is, they’re busy.

And, the business causes them to turn to sugary food to keep them going. This makes it difficult to break the weight habit.

If this sounds like you, don’t despair! There is good news for you. Check out these five fitness tips for the busy models who walk among us.

1. Better Sleep = Better Health

Did you know that sleep is one of the greatest things you can ever do for your health? It’s true!

Not only does a good night’s sleep improve your focus on overall performance the following day. But, it means you are more likely to make better decisions with your diet.

When you choose better, and healthier foods, you feel better. Also, you’re more likely to have the energy to do those exercises

Your mood improves. And, this can affect your photo shoot & modeling pictures.

So, get a good, deep sleep tonight before you go to that photo session. Your photographer will thank you.

2. “Plans are Nothing – Planning is Everything

Clay Sherman uttered these words. He was a consultant and taught this to many major clients. But, it rings true for models as well.

If you want to maintain your fitness goals, you must plan ahead.

Most people fail at living a healthy lifestyle because they can’t maintain it. So, if you know you’re prone to grabbing fast food at lunch, take time to prepare your lunch the night before (the same goes for your breakfast and dinner).

Also, pack a light snack. One I use is graham crackers with peanut butter for low-sugar energy. But, an apple works great too if you’re into fruit.

Are you always forgetting to grab your gym bag. Well, leave it at the door, or somewhere you will see it to make sure it goes to work with you.

3. Take a Bike – Or Take a Hike

Have you ever watched the neighbor drive their car to the mailbox; 100 feet from their house? It’s funny, but very common practice.

So,this brings us to the better fitness tip number three.

If you live fairly close to your workplace or the studio, leave the car at home.

Walk, or ride a bicycle every chance you get.

Walking or biking to work saves you money and helps protect the environment.

Now, you can think of the welfare of others, enjoy a breath of fresh air, and improve your health at the same time! It doesn’t get much better, does it?

4. For Better Fitness, Walk – Don’t Eat

Have you ever thought of going for a walk during your lunch hour? I admit this is not something I do. But. I enjoy walking and try to exercise this way each day.

When you walk, the fresh air does you good and you..

  • Build muscle
  • burn off calories
  • and helps you gain a more positive outlook (because of endorphins).

Take a brisk walk in the park to eat lunch. Or, walk to your favorite healthy restaurant and get your steps in.

The bonus benefit of walking includes an energy boost. And, your afternoon hours at work go by a bit quicker, too.

So, take your walking shoes to work with you.

5. Is There Any Such Thing as Fitness Travel?

If you travel often as a model, then you know just how difficult it can be to get in your exercise and eat healthy.

Traveling keeps your mind occupied with other things. So, the first thing you should do is start keeping a food diary.

This way, you can track what you eat while traveling.

To continue your exercise routine, check ahead & find out if your hotel has a gym. If it doesn’t, locate a path to run or walk.

Maybe you’ll come upon a gym nearby. Even when you travel, there really is no excuse not to get in at least a little exercise, is there?

Just a Few More Fitness Tips for Working Models

In addition to the 5 fitness tips above, you can…

  • Skip the elevator and always choose the stairs.
  • Burn calories doing housework.
  • Find a gym that’s on your way home from work. This lets you put in a couple of nights a week for a quick workout.
  • Start your day with a short yoga session.

And lastly, eat a healthy breakfast so you can tackle the day with the vigor & energy it deserves.

Conclusion: Models are Busy People – But, Better Fitness Tips and Plans Can Work Well for Them

No doubt, you get really busy doing any type modelling work. But, with research, and the help from these better fitness tips above you’ll discover¬† plenty of interesting and fun ways to keep fit.

Now, no more excuses! Can’t think of anything healthy to do today? Get out the broom and do some sweeping – And then there’s the mop! – Bob

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