South Carolina BeachesFirst of all, I’ve traveled to the SC coast ever since I was a teenager.

And, Jean & I have made hundreds of trips to “The Beach” since we were married.

So, when I brag about this pristine coastline, you can believe it’s true! 🙂

Anyhow, I thought I’d share with you today five of the most photogenic beaches in South Carolina to give you an idea of where to go this year (when you finally get to travel again).

Enjoy your virtual (ad) South Carolina beach trip and I hope you’ll consider visiting us on your next holiday or vacation.

5 Most Photogenic SC Beaches – Best South Carolina Beaches

Remember, all these SC beaches are all photogenic. So, I listed them in no particular order. Here goes…

Myrtle Beach SC

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Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the East Coast of the United States in Horry County, South Carolina.

It sits in the center of a large and continuous 60-mile (97 km) stretch of beach known as “The Grand Strand” in northeastern South Carolina.

Ranked as the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country (per 2018 census estimates), Myrtle Beach SC is one of the major centers of tourism in South Carolina and the United States.

Yes, because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches, it attracts an estimated 14 million visitors each year. ~ Wiki

Isle of Palms Beach SC

The City of Isle of Palms boasts seven miles of wide, pristine beaches great for:

  • swimming,
  • lounging,
  • fishing,
  • biking
  • and kayaking.

Several endangered species call the Isle of Palms home. And yes, this includes the loggerhead sea-turtle and Wilson’s plover.

Therefore, please follow the rules and respect these creatures to help ensure their continued protection.

No doubt, the City of Isle of Palms has been a destination for beach goers for generations.

The City’s Front Beach commercial district is located on Ocean Boulevard from 10th Avenue to 14th Avenue.

This area offers public restrooms, plenty of public parking, and great restaurants and shops. ~ City of Isle of Palms

Burkes Beach at Hilton Head SC

At the end of Burkes Beach Road, guests and locals alike find a beautiful stretch of Hilton Head SC coastline waiting to be enjoyed.

So, bring a good book for the beach and enjoy some solitude during your stay.

Or, bring a few friends to this less crowded area.

Note: Be Advised of the Parking Limits

Remember, there are only 13 metered spaces at this beach access point, but several others at Chaplin Community Park, just down the road.

The park boasts basketball and tennis courts, a playground and even a dog park! ~ Hilton

Folly Beach SC at Charleston

Folly Beach SC is located 11 miles south of downtown Charleston South Carolina along the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city boasts a total area of 18.9 square miles, of which 12.5 square miles is land and 6.4 square miles is water.

Known to Charleston locals as “The Edge of America“, Folly Beach is home to numerous surf spots, the most popular being…

  • the Washout,
  • 10th Street
  • and the Folly Beach Pier.

Despite its usually calm conditions, Folly Beach gained prominence as one of the more popular surf spots along the East Coast.

The South Carolina beach is an eclectic beach community with…

  • surf shops,
  • restaurants,
  • gift shops,
  • offices,
  • and bars along Center Street; (the main road and gateway to the community.)

Endangered North Atlantic right whales, the state animal of Georgia and South Carolina migrate along the coast during the migration seasons. ~ Wiki

Sullivan’s Island Beach SC –  Also at Charleston

Sullivan’s Island is a town and island located in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States.

The island guards the entrance to Charleston Harbor, with a population of 1,791 at the 2010 census.

But, the town is part of the Charleston metropolitan area, and is considered a very affluent suburb of Charleston.

Sullivan’s Island was the point of entry for approximately 40 percent of the 400,000 enslaved Africans brought to British North America, meaning that 99% of all African Americans have ancestors that came through the Island.

It has been likened to Ellis Island, the 19th-century reception point for immigrants in New York City.

During the American Revolution, the island hosted a major battle at Fort Sullivan on June 28, 1776, now renamed Fort Moultrie in honor of the American commander at the battle.

The Great South Carolina Hurricane

On September 23, 1989, Hurricane Hugo came ashore near Sullivan’s Island; few people were prepared for the destruction that followed in its wake.

The eye of the hurricane passed directly over Sullivan’s Island.

The Ben Sawyer Bridge was a casualty, breaking free of its locks. Before the storm was over, one end of the bridge was in the water and the other was pointing skyward.

And, Sullivan’s Island police chief, Jack Lilien, was the last person to leave the island before the bridge gave way. ~ Wiki

Get Out Your Camera – Head On Down to the South Carolina Beaches!

South Carolina Beach

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As a professional photographer of many years, I never tire of photographing the South Carolina Grand Strand including points south and north.

You’ll find so much to see and do when you visit.

But, I believe one of my favorite things to brag about is the laid-back, smiling faced people who live here.

Hospitality flourishes here in the Low Country and you’ll look back on your visit with a warm memory for years to come.

So, better bring your camera and get plenty of pictures of the most photogenic beaches in South Carolina – maybe even in the USA! Well, just my opinion.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to comment if you’ve visited any of these travel destinations or have anything to add. See you on the beach! – Bob




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