Take Your Photography to the Next Level – But, What’s the Best DSLR Camera for Beginners?

Yes, I know you’re a model. But, many I’ve met in the modeling world get excited about working behind the camera too!

So, what’s the best DSLR camera for beginners and how can you buy within your budget?

If your love towards photography grows daily, then it is the right time to pick a DSLR camera from the market.

Oh yes, the latest point & shoot cameras offer great picture quality for everyday images.

But, DSLR cameras fair better to those models who enjoy…

  • manual control
  • higher image clarity
  • bigger sensors
  • and the interchangeable lens option.

However, it is not always easy to buy a new DSLR camera. Yes, it takes some effort to choose a photography product that fits budget and personal requirements as well.

As the market is currently loaded with so many competitive camera brands, we’ll discuss highlights of some entry-level DSLR cameras considered as best purchase options.

1. Nikon D5600:

best dslr camera for beginnersThe Nikon D5600 is loaded with a 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor that ensures you crisp and sharp images all the time.

But, what really makes it great for beginners is the bundle package (see picture).

Most photographers starting out don’t have time or money to spend searching and buying all the accessories they need. So, with the D5600, your shopping is done – all in one package!

In case if you want to shoot videos at adventure sites, this digital camera provides you amazing details with full HD 1080p resolution level – and 60 frames per second.

The most interesting feature of the Nikon D5600 DSLR camera is its 3x optical zoom. This incredible zoom on this Nikon allows you to shoot around 5 frames in a second.

Share Your Pictures with Friends with the D5600 Nikon

Yes, you can share captured images and videos easily on other devices via the SnapBridge app.

And, beginner photographers find this single lens camera unit easy to use with its 3.2-inch multi-angle type LCD touchscreen.

You can switch to your desired settings with few swipes on the screen.

NEGATIVES? Most of the negatives I found with this camera involved issues with orders (i.e. owner manual missing, etc.). So, be sure and check your items. Make sure it’s all there. And, test every accessory during the guarantee period (the sooner the better).

But, with features like these, Nikon D5600 becomes the overall best buy unit for start-up digital photography.

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2. Canon Rebel E6:

best dslr cameras for beginnersThe first impression of the Canon Rebel E6 becomes pretty much the same as many other competitive entry-level DSLRs in the market.

But, this DSLR camera for beginners actually offers many more features to achieve high performance.

Along with the exceptional price tag, the Rebel E6 by Canon ensures high-quality results for routine images. And, theĀ  easy to access settings makes shooting less complicated.

But, the most interesting feature of Rebel E6 is NFC and Wi-Fi technology. These features assist in easy sharing of data over smartphones.

Also, you can expect impressive picture quality with its 18MP CMOS APS-C sensor. This feature works to deliver outstanding results – in combination with Digic 4 image processor.

Finally, the Canon Rebel E6 offers an advanced 9 point focus system. This cool focus never lets you miss that fast moving object. And, the top rated battery life gives you a full day of shooting.

NEGATIVES? As you’d expect with any entry level camera bundle, the accessories may not be the best quality. But, just as you, I started out with beginner equipment, and then added better accessories when I decided to become a professional.

TIP: A good rule of thumb is to buy a really good camera but get the very best lens you can afford! This combo makes for professional-grade pictures when you’re ready.

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3. Pentax K-70:

what's the best dslr camera for beginnersIf you love the outdoors, check out this performance rich DSLR beginner camera unit to consider. The Pentax K-70 digital slr camera works with a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor to ensure stunning images in different light conditions.

It also captures videos with full HD capability at 60fps settings. And, the weather sealed body makes it the best camera choice for adventure lovers.

This camera resists dust (and moisture content) well. So, most entry-level shooters find it a great choice for investment.

This Pentax K-70 is found to be the heaviest entry-level DSLR camera in the market.

But, it offers great shake resistance, along with a better thumb rest and improved grip. And, believe me, camera shake is one of the major causes of blurred and disappointing pictures!

NEGATIVES? One negative is, the battery supports you for up to 410 photos only. So, carry additional battery backups when traveling on longer photo adventure trips.

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Choose the Best DSLR Camera for You

For a wise camera choice, pick any of these best DSLR cameras for beginners for your shooting pleasure. And, be sure to order your camera products from trusted online stores. I’ve listed the links to these single lens digital cameras at Amazon but there are many other fine retailers for you to consider.

My Beginner Camera Favorite?

Well, most who know me can guess that I’d choose Nikon. I became a Nikon fan with my first real professional dslr and bought great lenses to go with it. Now, I can’t see myself selling out and buying new camera equipment when I’m happy with what I have.

So, my favorite choice is the Nikon D5600. The price is not too hefty and it will give you a wonderful starting point to begin your adventure in dslr photography.

==> See Details for the Nikon D5600 camera & accessory bundle here..

Final Tip – Learn All You Can About Your New Digital Camera

To really enjoy your camera investment, read the owner’s manual, watch video tutorials, etc. Yes, it takes a bit of time but you’ll get benefits in magnificent pictures that will last you a lifetime.

I hope this quick beginner dslr camera review helped in your camera choice. If so, please leave your comment below and share this post with your friends. – Bob

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