Can You Afford to Buy the Best Celebrity Dresses?

Just for fun, here is a woman’s point of view about buying the best celebrity dresses and dressing up right in general. Let’s see what she Best celebrity dresseshas to say about fashion styles of the celebrities.

Yes, the stars are literally glistening during the big events and we look all goggle-eyed when those slim and sexy females wear the very best celebrity dresses when they step out of the limos and walk down the red carpet.

The Best Celebrity Dresses Are Not Always All That

Thank goodness, I don’t have a lot of friends that must have the latest high end fashion clothes, but I do know some people who think this is what life is all about.

I’m not like that and I never have been. I guess I have always been less concerned with the clothes I wear than most women.

I Do Love to Dress in High Fashion But …

I’m a woman so I love wearing beautiful and exciting outfits but this does not mean I’m going to give in to every quick designer’s fad that comes along – no, not me!

As for the clothes I’ve seen this year in the high fashion magazines, worn by some of the most delicious women in the world, the stuff they are wearing is not always their decision.

Take the famous models on the runway for instance – do you think they get to pick out the outfit they wear on stage before they walk the ramp? Nope, these girls have no say-so at all in what they’ll be displaying. We do!

You’ll Find Smooth Satin at the Academy Awards Show

Well, not always.These stars, although famous, are many times wearing something they would not have picked out themselves. And, they certainly wouldn’t have gone shopping for it.

The Best Celebrity Dresses are a Tradition

The beautiful celebrities who are wearing these designer dresses are doing it because of tradition, and although they look fantastic, the clothes are many times ads in disguise.

The sad reality about these sleek and cool dresses for the celebrities is that most “average” girls could never afford to buy them. They have to settle for cheap imitation knockoffs, leaving the designer out in the cold.

You would think those guys would realize this by now, wouldn’t they?

A Price to Pay for a Celebrity Dress

On my meager salary there is absolutely no way I could ever come close to the price of these top end dresses. I’m not even sure if I could rent one of these Hollywood designer masterpieces.

And, even if I were one of the elite, I’m not certain that I would go out and buy one.

There are more important things I could use that money for like maybe a new Mercedes? When style escalates into that price range, it’s time to do some serious thinking!

And, how many times would I wear it? Maybe twice if I’m in a different party circle each time.

I would have to be a complete idiot to do that when I could have a complete wardrobe full of dresses and skirts for the same amount – and maybe throw in a closet full of shoes!

I guess I’m just not one of those people who have to live my fantasy every time I go out.

The Loaner Dress for Celebrities

Another “secret” many girls haven’t guessed is that some gowns worn at big events are on loan from the designer or maybe given to the starlet as a gift.

Hmm.. Maybe she didn’t buy it after all! Now we’re back to advertising again. Think about it.

This girl is going to be on TV getting interviewed by several talk show hosts and they are going to ask her where she got her apparel, aren’t they?

When she tells, it’s a free ad for a free dress. The designer comes out – the actress comes out. A sweet deal to say the least. And, it’s a good thing the dress is free in some cases – I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money on it.

Should You Dive In to this Fashion Trend?

Well, if you are made of money or you just signed a multi-million dollar deal with MGM, then go for it and wear a top designer fashion outfit. These styles are not called the best celebrity dresses for nothing so maybe you and I need to become famous before we take out a loan to buy an ensemble, huh? Want to buy high fashion dresses online? Check here first ..


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