Body lotions come and go but women still love the benefits of cocoa butter after all this time. When you think “all natural” skin care this silky cream or other beauty products come to mind. Imagine the next time you get ready to indulge your body with skin lotion. When you start using the right skin cream you will be pleasantly surprised.

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You’ll Love the All Natural Skin Care Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Taking your skin care to the next level sometimes means doing something you’ve never done before. There’s an old saying: “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing – you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.” Am I saying that using cocoa butter is an end-all beauty product? Not at all. I just want you to read with an open mind.

Woman with smooth skin. Photo by Bob Pardue

How to Get Smooth and Silky Skin with Cocoa Butter

I love lotion, and you would know this if you were to ever visit my house. I have lotion everywhere, though some of it I don’t use. I don’t know why I keep it, but it is there nonetheless.

Where to Find Cocoa Butter Lotions

Sometimes I will give some that I don’t want to use away to others, but for the most part I keep a lot of it just in case I run out of what I use everyday and need something before I can get to the store.

Surprisingly, one of my favorites costs only two dollars a bottle and is made with cocoa butter.

The cocoa butter part is not the surprise; I’m just shocked it works so well for such a low asking price. A company I whose name I did not recognize makes this particular lotion, but they are my first choice in body lotion.

I’m sure it’s the cocoa butter they use, but overall the lotion is great. It never leaves me feeling greasy, it soaks in well, and my skin never seems to be dry. I can’t say that for a lot of the more expensive beauty lotions I have used in the past.

How Do I Know if Cocoa Butter is in My Lotion?

If you want a good lotion with cocoa butter in it, you have to find out what is in the bottle.

The front of the bottle may say that is has cocoa butter in it, but they can say that even if there is only a tiny amount inside. You have to turn the bottle over and see where cocoa ranks on the list of ingredients.

The first ingredient is the most plentiful in the bottle, the second is second most plentiful, and on down the list. You can get a good idea of how much is in the bottle by seeing where it is listed within the ingredients.

If it is not one of the first three or four, put the bottle down and get something else. The same can be said for any other ingredient you may be looking for in a lotion. You may not favor cocoa butter like I do, but there may be something else you know works well for your skin.

What’s Your Skin Like?

Since every woman’s skin is different, its unlikely the same lotion will work the in the same way for everyone.

Look on the list for the ingredient of your choice and see how much of it there really is in the bottle of lotion you are thinking of buying. Many labels say they have cocoa butter or lanolin, but they only have to include a drop to say it. The truth is in the list.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of cocoa butter and skin lotion. Share your new understanding about skincare with your girlfriends so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy skin.

Where Can I Buy Cocoa Butter and Other Beauty Products?

You can find many on the shopping section here.

Just go to the beauty products page and do some searches for cocoa butter to start seeing the benefit of healthier, younger looking skin. Come back soon!

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