You’re a Haunting Beauty! You Have Some Moves! But, You Ask: “Where Do I Begin as a Model? Read These 8 Modeling Tips & Go for the Gold…

Have you dreamed of seeing your picture on the cover of a famous magazine? Or, you picture yourself on the catwalk. Cool! But, you ask; Where do I begin as a model?

Sometimes when writing my posts & beginner model tips, I fail to remember that you may not have begun your modeling career yet.

You’ve refreshed my memory by asking; “Where do I begin as a model?” So, thank you for the wake-up call!

Yes, becoming a model presents challenges. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Beginner models find there is something new to learn about modelling. They haven’t yet learned the types such as fashion modeling, commercial or glamour.

where do I begin as a model

where do I begin as a model

It’s a Good Day to Get Started in Modeling – Where Do You Begin as a Model?

Taking that first step can be scary as any career can be. But, what I’m going to share with you will hopefully make learning how to begin as a model simpler. And, when it’s simple, it becomes more fun!

Keep reading to answer your personal “How do I begin as a model?” question. You’ll be amazed at how far you can go when you have modeling goals and a plan.

Where Do I Begin as a Model? 8 Steps to Becoming a Female Fashion Model

begin as a model

Read these exciting start-up modeling tips. Get started today in your career as a model with these simple tips.

What happens when most women start out as a fashion or female glamour model?

Many times, they go straight to someone like Elite Model Management New York.

Or, they enroll at one of the many modeling schools and pay thousands of dollars to go to advertised conventions.

So, Where is the Best Place to Start?

One of the best places to begin as a model is right from your own home. And yes, the steps below will guide you through.

Read these eight simple steps to a modeling career. They’ll help you…

  1. Get your thoughts together
  2. turn your dreams into goals
  3. and really go after the career you desire

1. Start at the end

See an end result of where you want to go in modeling.

  • Do you want to be a superstar and walk the runway in Milan?
  • Would you rather become a local commercial model?

It doesn’t matter. Just put a dream in your mind. And, most importantly, be realistic.

2. Write down your modeling goals

The next steps are where dreams become goals.

Write down your final vision at the top of the page.

After all, how do you get there if you don’t know where you’re going?

3. It’s Absolutely Crucial You Overcome Obstacles to Begin Modeling

Write down all the obstacles to overcome to reach your goals in modeling.begin modeling

Read bios of famous models like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford.

Just about every supermodel had to overcome disadvantages before they became modeling stars.

You will too!

This is the meat of what you have to do.

Ask these questions and dig to find the answers…

  • What do you need to learn about modeling?
  • Are there certain looks do you need to practice for the type of modeling you are pursuing?
  • Is there anything to keep you from reaching your modeling goals?

What Model Requirements Do I Have to Meet?

requirements to begin modelingThis is a good time to look at the requirements you need for certain modeling jobs.

Runway almost always requires height. So, tall, lanky models rule in this category.

If you are too short for runway look at other options like…

  • beauty
  • catalog
  • or commercial model work.

Do not jinx yourself by saying; “I am not pretty enough to model“. Yes, I’ve heard this one before and wrote a complete article about it.

4. Who to contact

Talk to local talent agencies and other working models to find someone to represent you.

NOTE: No, you don’t have to enroll in an expensive modeling school to get represented.

5. Put a date on it!

A goal is just a dream until you write down a completion date. So, make a date for your overall goal.

So, where do you begin as a model?

Good question. But, also ask when you are going to be a model. This question gives you more focus on your model goals.

6. Break Your Modeling Goals into Small Pieces – To Model, Be an Elephant Eater!

Do you know how to eat an elephant? …beginner modeling goals

…One bite at a time.

To begin as a model set small obtainable goals first.

Then, increase them as your experience and modeling confidence grows.

For instance, most mega movie stars didn’t start out that way. They took on bit parts as extras.

They practiced. And them, preparation paid off when bigger parts came along.

So, the same is true when you begin as a model.

Write a completion date for these smaller modeling goals too.

To get you started, I’ll show you how in step number seven…

7. Write Your Modeling Goals in the Present Tense!

Your mind is a powerful thing. It believes what you tell it. So, listen to your self talk.

If you keep saying to yourself that you can begin as a model, you are way ahead.

Now, use these examples when writing down your modeling goals…

Example of a Large Goal:

“My goal is to become a working ____________ model by January 1st, 20–.”

(Fill in the blank with, fashion, commercial, etc.)

Examples of Small Goals:

“I will call two talent agencies and ask if they have open call by June 25th.”

“I will find and call two working models who can help me toward my goal by June 20th.”

8. The best way to begin as a model? Just do something!

how to begin as a modelWhen you get up everyday, look at your goals for a modeling career.

And, start a daily habit of practice, study, and making contacts.

Before you know it, some model agencies out there will know who you are.

Because they need serious models, these agents appreciate your determination.

In a search for fame and fortune, it’s not who you know; it’s who knows you!

So, make yourself known to them.

Write down this short to-do list…

  • Don’t be pushy. But, contact agents from time to time.
  • Call or email your complete list of agents consistently. Then, start again from the beginning.
  • Add new model & agency contacts weekly and maybe someone will use your talents.

All in all, I place making and writing down goals as the number one step in becoming a model.

Do These First…

  • Write it down!
  • Put a date on it!
  • Write down the obstacles!
  • Name the persons needed to help achieve your goals!
  • Read them first thing every morning!
  • Do something today!

That’s it! Accomplishing goals in life is not always easy. But, don’t limit yourself. Follow these steps to get ahead of your competitors.

Get More Tips and Learn the “HOW TO” of Modeling

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Also, discover different modeling types and requirements. And lastly, you’ll see how to find model agencies for jobs and more.

One final thought about modeling goals…

As soon as you accomplish a goal toward beginning as a model, write down another immediately!

This keeps your momentum going. Goals push you further toward your modeling career.If this is a lifelong dream of yours, begin as a model by doing something right now. Nobody can hold you back but you! – Bob Pardue

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