The Rest of the Story of Becoming a Model – Tips for Beginners

becoming a modelYou’ve dreamed of  becoming a model but how do you make that dream a reality? There are several prerequisites needed in order to succeed in the modeling industry.

So how do you become a model and work in a job you love?

  • Do you like to travel?
  • Can you work really hard and at odd hours to complete an assignment on time?
  • Are you fit and do you work out regularly?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered in the positive; especially by new faces who want to make their mark in the industry.

It may seem to be a lot of work initially, but you will be rewarded generously over time. To help you succeed in becoming a model and work in the fashion industry, a few pointers have been listed.

What’s Your Modeling Type?

Where do you fit in? Understand your role in modeling before attempting to approach an agency or client.

For instance, a runway model has to be at least 5’9″ and slim to have a realistic chance of walking the ramp for prestigious brands. Other types have different requirements – some models don’t have to be tall.

The process of completing prerequisites for becoming a model is often inherent in nature. Height cannot be changed, and natural tendency to put on weight needs to be controlled consistently to bag modeling assignments on the ramp.

Many beginner models give up here. I am forever receiving mail from teenagers who feel high fashion / runway is the only route they can take but don’t discount commercial, catalog, promotional, petite and plus size where there are also opportunities – not quite the glamour but you get to work in the industry you love.

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How to Get Started in Modeling

First, prepare yourself mentally to face rejection early on in your career. You have to be mentally tough, prepared to travel, be able to adjust to different kinds of foods and accommodation.

Long working hours may take a lot out of you, and it is quite easy to lose composure or overreact in different situations.

Professionalism demands you are able to control your emotions and produce your best at all times. How do you become a model? It really depends on several important factors.

– Find a reputable talent agency for initial promotion.

There are enough opportunities for models to excel in different fields, but an agency has resources and expertise to mold and train you. If you find enough quality work through a good modeling agency, respond by sticking on until opportunities are scarce.

– Open calls and casting calls must never be ignored, as experts attend these events.

You will gather valuable information about modeling and current trends. It becomes easier to prepare yourself for future trends as well.

– Keep yourself healthy by exercising regularly.

For instance, regular exercise in any form without exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions will help keep you fit for strenuous assignments without losing focus.

– Adapt a nutritional diet based on preference for vegetables and fruits.

International traveling assignments often demand adjustments to be made in terms of sustaining the right weight and energy levels without compromising on the quantity of food. Preparing a menu before travel is a good idea.

– A professional attitude should be demonstrated by maintaining proper work ethics.

Models are used to working in different weather conditions, both outdoors and indoors. They maintain flawless skin and have well-manicured nails. They have the perfect figure for the type of work they are involved in.

– Strength is needed to sustain various poses, which can only be built up through rigorous exercises.

How to Become a Model And take the Avenue to a Fabulous Modeling Career

As a beginner learning the ins and outs of becoming a model there are important steps one should take to start. You should have “NYC-quality”, professional portfolio photographs made, seek out an agent and attend open cast calls.

You should post quality color photographs of various length and ranges on a website for potential clients to view. It doesn’t have to be an expensive site, but simply a free site that can showcase your various looks.

Lastly – Dreaming Vs. Doing

There is a lot for a girl to do in order to start a male or female model career, but wishing and hoping doesn’t make it happen. It’s rare that an agency or company will simply “discover” new talent by accident.

You must be actively promoting yourself in most cases in order to become successful and get exciting assignments. The other girls are doing it so why shouldn’t you?

Get Yourself “Out There” as a Model

Begin by visiting several local modeling agencies to speed up the process of getting the first assignment. After you learn more about how to become a model it becomes easier to communicate with potential clients through local agencies.

Assignments can be completed faster, which also means you have tremendous scope to grab many lucrative assignments over a shorter period of time. It is always possible to progress from one type of modeling assignment to another.

Go For It!

becoming a model nowYes, answering the seemingly elusive question: “How can I be a model?” should not be a mystery any longer. Just follow these basic steps to achieve success. Hope these tips help you.

Some of the advice given on this website about becoming a model might seem overwhelming at first so take it slow, absorb all the lesson and then go back over the fine points. This is the key for beginners in the network – I hope to see you there soon!

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