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Check Out the Become a Model Course – You Don’t Have to Be 6′ Tall

Welcome to all who would love to be models. I started this become a model course  specifically for those who want to get started in the modeling industry.

I realize that modeling is a very competitive field but also it can be rewarding (if done right)  so the site is meant to help those who are struggling with where and how to begin.

Become a Model Course

Become a Model Course

You’ll discover areas such as modeling types for careers, attributes for fashion, glamour, commercial, etc.

Become a Model – Check Out the Free Course Here!

In addition, there are sections in the Free e-course for how to contact and get listed with modeling agencies to propel your career to the next levels.

Please take a look around and, if you like what you see, send your friends in for a visit.

Take these tips seriously so that you’ll have the best chance of getting started the right way as a model.

There’s so much talk today about how tall female models need to be and with good factor. With a little knowledge you can discover how to become a model even if you are under 6′ tall.
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How Tall Do I Have to Be to Model?

Height Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, there are females working in entertainment jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Are they doing high fashion? Probably not but they’ve found their niche in the network and are happily doing their jobs.

To hear people talk, tall women make the very best models.

You’ve heard them talk about those thin women on the runway and your desire is lessened to pursue that modeling profession you’ve always imagined.

Especially in regards to strolling down a New York City catwalk & happily working in haute couture jobs.

What If I’m Not 5’8″?

There is hope if you are not tall. This tutorial answers this concern in addition to other beginner inquiries about the modeling market.  I hope these ideas assist in your career.

You’ll find out here that the lesson for how to become a model has much to do with learning your craft.

And, you need to be really honest with yourself when finding where you belong in this competitive business


Continuously, I am asked the question of how tall do I have to be to get started in modeling so I discovered these intriguing tips from a lady who knows.

You can have a profession even if you are not an amazon woman.

Do you actually have to be 6 foot in height to work in the home entertainment network?

Well, yes and no. It depends to some measure upon where your talents and goals lie. Continue reading to find out why.

If you are just beginning in modeling for teenagers or perhaps some other type of market jobs, you need to study the business.

Right here are a couple of modeling tips to consider and to increase your understanding about where you stand when it concerns landing assignments for new talent.

Exactly what is Your Height?Best modeling tips for girls

It’s a given that if you are a female model who is 5’9″ or taller you do have a benefit and advantage in many fields.

This is particularly true if you prepare to stroll the ramp or be on the cover of Seventeen, Teen Magazine, Vogue or other top list high fashion publications.

This also applies if you start and make contact with leading talent management companies such as Ford, IMG or Elite.

These are companies who mainly have offices in New York City, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and Milan, Italy (You do not have to be Italian to apply).

These super star makers are high fashion management agents who, if they accept you, will many times take you zooming to the top.

Attributes to Become a Model?

Do not anticipate an easy go of it. Take time to learn the ropes to become a model. You have to possess these qualities …

  • Height – 5’9″ or taller for Females and Teenagers – 6’0″ for males (with some exceptions).
  • Age – Generally 13 to 21 Years.
  • A slim Figure.
  • Perfect Teeth – Straight and White.
  • Soft, Manageable Hair Not Filled with Split Ends.
  • Clear Skin Complexion (Few imperfections, if any).
  • Ability and willingness to Travel

There are other attributes to become a model but this course will certainly do for a start.

And, even if you have all these characteristics, you still need to be chosen from the countless other ladies and men getting a couple of positions.

If you feel you have what it requires to compete, go for it !!

Not the Tallest Girl in the Room?

There you have it! ~ Just because you are not a tall woman or man does not mean you ought to stop trying out.

Keep your objective for working in the modeling network strong and do something everyday toward your goals.

It’s no secret that girls and guys come in all sizes therefore, so do tasks and opportunities for the ideal people.

The question is still ” How tall do I have to be to become a model?”. However now you know the answer … Any size will do!

Become a fitness model courseThere’s so much talk today about how tall female models need to be and with good reason.

The fashion runway scene is really seldom filled with shorter or not so thin girls?

There is hope if you are not tall.

Just because you are not a tall female or guy does not imply you ought to offer up on your goal for working in the modeling network.

With a little knowledge you can learn the business and how to get started. Just search online and find a good become a model course even if you are under 6′ tall. Best of luck!


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…


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