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become a Hollywood actor

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You’ve always dreamed of stardom and working as an actor in Hollywood but how do you make it happen? Hopefully, this page will shed some light on the mystery involved to  become a Hollywood actor or actress working in show business.

Tips to Becoming a Hollywood Actor

Is it your lifelong dream to become a Hollywood actor or actress? You share this dream with many others.

To improve your chances of making it in Tinseltown, you might need a few helpful tips.

Please read this article carefully and more than once!

Getting Started With A Hollywood Acting Career

The best way to have a successful career as a Hollywood actor is to get started early. This is very important.

When it comes to media related jobs such as modeling or acting, there is no such thing as too much experience and knowledge.

The best time to get started is in high school or college. Take as many media related courses as possible. Even if you aspire to act, a screenwriting or performing arts class can do no harm.

Don’t Give Up Yet!

Although it is recommended that you get your start in the media related industry in high school or college, that time may have already come and gone for you.

There is still hope. Those who have experience acting are more likely to land a job in Hollywood. So, start working. Whether it is paid or not, volunteer your time at your local community theater.

Want To Be a Hollywood Actor? Go Where They Live

Next, move to Hollywood. Yes, it is possible to find media related jobs all across the country, but your best chances are in the Hollywood. Second best is, New York City.

While it is recommended that you move to Hollywood, you are advised against hopping in your car and moving on a whim.

A move to California can be expensive, so prepare financially for the transition.

Make Daily, Weekly And Yearly Goals For Your Career In Hollywood Acting

Before moving to Hollywood or as soon as you move there, create a goal of yourself. Goals are important. When first getting started, start out small.

Make your first goal to obtain quality headshots. Next, move on to an acting agent. Then, start working on attending open and scheduled auditions.

As you meet each goal, create a new one until you are working as paid actor.

Do You Really Need An Acting Coach?

In a word, yes! Taking this route can help you become a paid Hollywood actor or actress is to acquire an acting coach.

Even if you have acted in high school and college plays, an acting coach is still recommended.

Hollywood casting directors expect more than those running small time plays. Acting coaches know this. Professional coaches can take even the best actor and make them so much better.

Acting Class – The Next Best Thing

An acting coach, as previously stated is recommended. This is because they often operate on a one-on-one basis. This means that you get personal attention.

However, this can be expensive and most quality coaches for Hollywood actors are booked to capacity.

In that case, an acting class is your next best option. In Hollywood and the surrounding area, it is common to find acting classes being offered on nights and weekends.

As mentioned above, a good actor’s headshot should be one of your become a paid Hollywood actor goals. If you don’t already have a headshot, get one.

This can be done before or after you arrive in Hollywood. Be sure to choose a professional photographer.

Casting directors examine actors’ photos to see who they should contact for an audition. For that reason, make sure your headshot makes a good impression.

Will A Talent Agent Help You To Become A Hollywood Actor?

There is some dispute among professionals as to whether or not a talent agent is needed in Hollywood. Yes, you can find open casting calls and land auditions yourself.

You can do this by examining trade magazines, online job websites that focus on media careers, or by networking.

However, your chances of becoming a well-paid actor increase with the assistance of an agent.

Importance Of The Hollywood Audition

One of the best ways to become a paid Hollywood actor is to audition, audition, and then audition more.

Disappointment is common in Hollywood. There are more aspiring actors and actresses than there are available jobs.

Do not let this disappointment get you down. Instead, turn it in to determination.

Now that you know a bit more about how to become a Hollywood actor it’s time to learn more and take action!

I found a nice book giving tons of advice for getting started with a career in entertainment. You can get it here. Thanks for coming by! Be sure to bookmark this and leave your comments below. – Bob Pardue

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