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During my many years photographing models & providing modeling advice, I can’t count the number of times people asked how to become a celebrity actor or model.

So, I thought I’d post some attributes famous people have and how you can get them too!

Now, do I guarantee you’ll be one of those top female fashion models like Tyra Banks or Christie Brinkley? Unfortunately, I have no idea.

But, I do know it’s easier to reach a goal when you know more about the end result. Don’t you agree?

become a celebrity

You Want to Be Famous – Really?

Yes, most who become involved in modeling, entertainment, or performing arts want to be famous, don’t they?

Of course they do! But, what does it really take to become a celebrity with all the perks & income?

This post gives some answers. And, it introduces you to a complete system (below) to help make your celebrity dream a reality.

Let’s dive right in!

Are you ready for your 15 minutes of fame? But, the question is; do you really only want 15 quick minutes of celebrity status?

To Become a Celebrity Means More Than Just a Career in Entertainment

Learning how to become a big celebrity can open those doors you thought were closed to even the very top people!

Many celebrities enjoyed lucrative careers in entertainment. But then, they became big business entrepreneurs and established themselves in lots of different areas.

They ended up being worth millions of dollars by branding their names with products or services. This branding added to their already celebrity status.

And, this celebrity status offers something that money just cannot buy.

It gives the person an air of being more intelligent, more successful than even those people in the top of their industries.

But Truthfully, Are Celebrities All That Smart?

The celebrity is like the tall kid on the playground.

If you need directions, you’ll ask the tallest boy or girl even though they might be as dumb as a box of hammers!

That’s why the general public listens to those who become celebrities.

And, they may know absolutely nothing about the subject. So, it’s best to ask a business CEO who has been in that genre all his/her professional life.

A good example is politics.

If a superstar model or actor endorses a candidate, then that person must be the best for the position.

Is this true or false? It’s false, of course but don’t try to tell that to a fan!

Celebrity Supermodels Are Usually Right – Aren’t They?

become a celebrity

become a celebrity

Wrong! This supermodel may not know any more than you or I.

I’ll argue that one.

But, a celebrity is treated like royalty nowadays.

This reminds me of a saying I heard long ago:

“The king may not always be right – but he’s always king.”

Why wouldn’t you want to be like those “all-knowing” celebrities?

One point to remember, when you are a celebrity, keep your common sense.

And, don’t discount people who are not there yet.

 But Listen – To Become a Celebrity You Must Do the Work!

How to become a celebrity picture

Like anything else, you have to take action once you’ve read through the publication.

But hey, you have to start somewhere, don’t you?

Why not here?

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