Beauty Pageant GownsEvery Girl Wants To Look Great In Her Beauty Pageant Dress, Doesn’t She? When you walk the runway wearing beauty pageant gowns you want to look more beautiful than the rest.

Story by: A woman who stresses over her daughter’s beauty pageant gown.

Your makeup has to be exquisite and your beauty pageant gown has to really sparkle.

Girls compete in a “beauty pageant” for what exactly? To be recognized as beautiful and important?

We watch them on television.

They’re the high fashion women who dream of having it all. No I’m not talking about the future politicians. Think more along the lines of those who strive for a more physical appreciation.

Beauty Pageant Gowns – Certainly, The Pageant Dress You Wear Will Make Some Difference But ..

My daughter has been entering beauty contests for a long time. I’m not one of those parents who pushes her into it either. It was all her idea.

She has always enjoyed playing dress-up, and getting dressed up in beauty pageant gowns is kind of the ultimate thrill for her. She loves having people look at her, and this gives her a healthy outlet for that.

I have to admit that I enjoy looking at beauty pageant gowns with her. I haven’t been a big fan of beauty pageants themselves. They seem like too much stress.

My daughter might not stress over them, but as her parent I do. Her makeup has to be just right, her routine has to be perfect, and just one slip up could cause her to do badly, which would really stress her out.

The only part of it that is stress-free for me is picking out the beauty pageant gown.

Beauty Pageant Gowns – Then And Now

beauty pageant gownsThe interesting thing is how little beauty pageant gowns have changed over the years.

My sister used to love competing in beauty pageants, and I still remember that dresses that she wore.

They are remarkably similar to my daughter’s dresses. It is nice to see that in this world of changing fashions, some things to stay constant.

Don’t get me wrong, there are innovations. First of all, what is appropriate for beauty pageant gowns has changed remarkably over the years.

Beauty Pageant Contestants No Longer Wear Modest Dresses

Gone are the days when modesty was the big thing. In this day and age, you can feel free to take some risks with a beauty pageant gown. It doesn’t have to be ankle-length or anything anymore. You can take use your own discretion.

Even so, for a beauty contest winner my daughter tends to have pretty conservative tastes. I never really have to argue with her about which beauty pageant gowns are appropriate and which ones aren’t. We always seem to sort of agree on it.

There are times when we do not have the same taste, of course, but that doesn’t mean that it becomes a fight. Usually we find some way to come to an understanding and pick out the right dress for the occasion.

I’ve known so many parents who get stressed out buying prom dresses, beauty pageant dresses, or other special occasion clothes for their kids. I’ve never quite understood where they’re coming from. For me shopping for beauty pageant gowns has always been such a easy going laid back experience. I guess I’m lucky that way. 🙂

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