Do the Beauty Secrets of Models Work?

Yes, it seems that those breathtaking women in modeling who have reached celebrity status like Cindy Crawford or Christy Brinkley never age. They always look beautiful, slender, youthful and glowing.

Do you think they are aware of some beauty secrets or are they just lucky?

Beautiful Women Everywhere!

If You’ve Got the Money – The Secret to Beauty is Yours

Is beauty something that only money can buy? The answer is, of course not. If you know a few simple beauty tips, it’s possible to have skin in good health like a female modeling star, without spending a huge amount of money.

The BIG Secret

One trick that any great beauty model will tell you is that, in order to stay young and gorgeous, you have got to eat good food (I’m not talking about ice cream).

Sure, when we think of beauty secrets we think there must be some unbelievable “youth” cream from Milan made from seahorse eggs that costs $800 an ounce – or maybe just covering up our imperfections with makeup.

The true story is very simple, and much, much cheaper to get! To have smooth skin with less blemishes, you’ve got to eat a healthy diet. Stay away from foods high in sugar & fat – they really take a toll on your skin.


Also, another one of the biggest beauty secrets of super models is – drinking water. Yes, just plain old water.

Most females are dehydrated most of the time. Dehydration creates dry skin, which contributes to flakiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The secret to supple skin is to start from the inside by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

Are You a Coffee Drinker?

Make sure and steer clear of alcohol and caffeine. As much as you may believe you enjoy them, they dehydrate your body and they can cause quicker aging of the skin.

Stay Away From …

Often, what we do to improve our skin is not near as important as what we don’t do. This is another tip that women like Arizona Muse and Abby Lee Kershaw know very well.

What is it?

Specifically, what these beauties don’t do is lay out in the sun without lotion. That is a sure way to ruin your sensitive skin and speed the aging process. Do you think Gisele Bundchen ever forgets to put on her SPF sunscreen? No, she does not!

Effects of Sun Bathing or Overexposure

Too much sun can cause brown spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. If you want to get and keep a youth look like those famous female models have, always keep your face hidden away from the sun, and wear sunblock every time you plan to be exposed.

Skin Care Products

For female models who want to appear more healthy, vibrant and younger, choosing and applying the right skin products can go a long way to making it happen for them. Your dermatologist knows many of these beauty secrets and can help you have silky skin worthy of a supermodel.

Ask your GP or dermatologist about creams or lotions containing retinoids, which can fill in fine lines almost like magic.

Or, talk to a professional about Botox, a simple outpatient procedure which can make you look ten years younger in a matter of minutes. Be sure and ask about the risks involved in this type of skin treatment.


The Secret to Beauty?

A “magic formula” to looking young and beautiful? There is no one way. Hopefully, you’ll look at some of these pieces of advice as a starting point to learn the secret of beauty and becoming drop dead gorgeous!


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