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Let’s face it! In the world of female makeup for the camera the lips and eyes have it. No matter if you are planning to compete in a beauty pageant of if you’ve been chosen to appear on the American Idol tour, you want to look your absolute best so here are some simple lipstick tips you can start using right now.

Beautiful Lip Tips for a Model Photo Shoot & the Color of Lipstick

Today you will learn more about the effects of lipstick colors and this article includes necessary hints and lip coloring tricks that may cause you to rethink what you knew about making up your face.

All I ask is that you study this cosmetic material with an open mind and experiment with some of these new and exciting cosmetic tips.

Tip! Lips and Eyes: When working with a female photographer you will want to concentrate on makeup that enhances your eyes and your lips. Get these right and the rest will fall into place. Be sure your eye makeup and your lipstick colors are right for your skin tone.

Big, beautiful lips make every woman happy. With their tempting allure, and rich, sexy colors, the lips in magazines seem to get all the attention. If you have a modeling career you can liven up your style, and add a splash of color by choosing the proper lipstick color.

How Do Lipstick Colors Affect You in Photos? Lips for the Camera

When you are doing your model shoot, the shape and color of your lips are very important in making your photos beautiful. Always take several different colors of lipstick with you so you can change your color to go with your different outfits.

Lip Liner for Your Lips

Whether you would like your lips to be full or thin, you can create your lip’s shape by using lip liner. First, you should always match your liner to the color of your lipstick.

When applying your lip liner, always start at the center of your upper lip and go to the extreme outer corner.
If you have really thin lips, you can make them look larger by slightly over-lining, and never use lipstick that is a dark color, because this will make your lips look thinner.

Choosing your Lipstick Color

For your photo shoot, make sure your lipstick is a solid color and about one shade darker than you would normally wear. This will help in making your lips stand out and allow you to portray that sexy look.

Tip! Lip gloss is always easy to apply when compared to lipstick. If you have ever tried to apply lipstick when you don’t have a mirror, you know just what I mean.

Match Your Skin Tones with Your Lip Gloss

Also, when selecting your color, it’s important to remember the relationship of lipstick to skin tone. The shade you choose should have the same color saturation as your skin. If your skin tone is deep, you can wear a deep shade of lipstick and look great.

For example, an African American beauty model can wear deep red lipstick colors, like crimson, because it compliments her skin tone.

Cherry or fire engine red may not be flattering, with too much contrast. If you skin is medium tone, you would look great in all shades of red. If your skin tone is pale, beige tones and pinks are for you.

Want to Show Off Your Wrinkles? Then Don’t Wear Deep Lipstick

Wrinkles and dark lines are emphasized with deep lipstick shades. As long as you keep these skin tone vs. lipstick color principles in mind, you should be able to successfully choose a flattering shade of lipstick.

The Seasons of the Year and Lip Gloss Colors

While red is an all-American classic,lighter colors like frosting-pink or “clear” lipstick colors are also options. Women often change their shade of lipstick color with the seasons. During spring months, light pinks tend to be favorite picks.

As the weather turns more summery, so does a woman’s lipstick color. It is a lipstick free-for-all! Colors are more exaggerated, intense, and fruity. Shiny, glossed lips are also fashionable, but never wear glossy lipstick to a photo shoot because it will appear as if you are not wearing any gloss at all.

Pinks are more rosy, reds are brighter, and hardly anyone wears a “clear” lipstick color. With the fall season, tones become more subdued and matte, and “clear” once again gains popularity.

Deep reds that match the autumn environment are seen everywhere. Neutral reds and brownish shades can compliment toned-down outfits. As winter approaches, the “clear” tones become the color of the seasons. Reds, as in fall, are once again in style.

Lipstick Colors to Fit You

With skin tone and lipstick color factors in mind, along with knowledge of seasonal colors under your belt, you are almost informed enough to choose your own personal color! Just one little secret remains, which many women don’t take into consideration.

Tip! When putting on your makeup, just the right amount of lip gloss will help you to look sexy and confident. Get your beauty consultant to help if possible.

Can Lipstick Make Your Teeth Whiter?

What effect does your lip color have on blemishes or yellowed teeth? Well, one benefit of red lipstick is that it makes your coffee or cigarette stained teeth look whiter than pink lipstick shades. On the other hand, blemishes and pimples may combine with any shade of red to highlight these imperfections.

 Make Your Lips More Beautiful with the Right Lipstick Colors

Using these tips and the dozens of shades of available lip colors, you can have those big and beautiful lips worthy of the magazine shots. If there’s a “tester” at your store, put a dab on the front of your hand. Lipstick shades may change when applied to your skin.

Tip! If you don’t feel that you can apply your lipstick alone, a good female model makeup artist will be a big help. He or she can see you in ways you never dreamed of so don’t underestimate the power of the MUA !!

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