Fine art photo of Beaufort SC

Beaufort SC Harbor Fine Art Photo – Pictures from South Carolina

It’s always cool to discover new and exciting areas for my photography. When Jean & I stumbled upon the low country, we created some great Beaufort SC pictures to add to the gallery.

Ever dreamed about the beautiful low country of South Carolina?

Maybe not.

But, I discovered a lost paradise when Jean & I traveled to create this fine art photo of the Beaufort harbor in South Carolina.

Beaufort SC Pictures – Why This Beaufort South Carolina Harbor Fine Art Photo?

The area is so peaceful you’ll escape to total relaxation.

Now, it’s a given things get a little busier when you travel to the downtown area of Beaufort.

But, you’ll find plenty of relaxing spots to shoot Beaufort SC pictures surrounding this marshland called the low country.

Fine art photo of Beaufort SC
All pictures of Beaufort South Carolina are copyright Bob Pardue Photography

Where is Beaufort?

I know how to get to Beaufort SC but did a bit of research to find some more info for you. Here’s what wiki said:

“Beaufort is located on Port Royal Island, in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Lowcountry.

The city is renowned for its scenic location and for maintaining a historic character by preservation of its antebellum architecture.

In fact, Beaufort’s prominent role in the surrounding Sea Islands during the Reconstruction era after the U.S. Civil War became memorialized by the Reconstruction Era National Monument which was established in 2017.

And, the city hosts some major military establishments, being located in close proximity to Parris Island (since 1915) and a US naval hospital. Not to mention, Beaufort is home to the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

The city was named “Best Small Southern Town” by Southern Living, a “Top 25 Small City Arts Destination” by American Style.”

So, if you want to visit an island of beauty and adventure, Beaufort is a must! And, just as I did you’ll find plenty of SC photo opportunities to fill your camera.

The Beaufort South Carolina Harbor Fine Art Photo “Techie” Stuff..

I tried to shoot this fine art photo with a split down the middle landscape view. Many photographers use the “rule of thirds” in everything which is just fine.

However, I felt the split frame captured the serenity of Beaufort harbor with the ships supplying enough offset to become pleasing to the eye.

So, now you know the rest of the story about my Beaufort, South Carolina photography adventure.

But, don’t just listen to me. Get in your car or on a plane and make your own memories by visiting the South Carolina low country! You won’t regret it!

The Fine Art Photography Part

With this particular image, I performed some mixed media “magic” to give the photo a dreamy, more surreal look.

But, if this is not your style, you can see other versions of the low country picture on my site at .

Let me know how you feel about this fine art photo of Beaufort, South Carolina. Lastly, the picture was made in the good old USA! 🙂

How to Purchase This Beaufort SC Picture

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