bamboo bag

bamboo bag

Are you ready to join the latest fashion trend? As a model, I’m sure you’ve got a fantastic outfit to wear with bamboo bags, don’t you?

Stay connected to nature by carrying all the essentials in a striking, structured handbag.

And, you’ll be the envy of the other girls who don’t own a pocketbook like this one. Use your imagination and become a style setter – a fashionista if you will!

So, I did some research and found five of the most popular bamboo bags at affordable prices to get you started.

Be Among the Women’s Accessories Trendsetters with Your New Bamboo Bags! Choose From the Top 5 Handbags..

ONE: Vintga Bamboo Handbag Handmade Tote Bamboo Purse Straw Beach Bag for Women

Women’s bags never looked so good! Truth is, this straw tote bag should work with most of your outfits.

This handbag comes treated with special environmental protection, such as anti mildew, insect proof, etc. so you can enjoy the fact that it’s safe to carry.

And, the bag boasts..

  • high density
  • toughness
  • along with the strength of bamboo bags so you  can “throw it on the sofa” when you come in at night.

“The Vintga bamboo bag is very fashionable and easy to apply to different styles. I run a fashion blog so I’m very interested in fashion trends.

And, the bamboo bag became one of the hot items recently.

I decided to search for one I could carry around daily. And, it needed to be spacious enough to hold a few items. In that term, it fitted my standard and I purchased to try it out.”

TWO: Bamboo Bag, WEST BAY Women’s Natural Handmade Bamboo Handbags Purse Straw for Summer Beach Tote Bags

The West Bay holds a modern, yet classic design. It’s made from aged natural bamboo plants from a high-mountain virgin forest.

Also, each bamboo strip is..

  • sanded
  • glazed
  • perforated
  • hand-woven
  • and full of texture so you can carry it with most fashion styles.

“This bamboo handbag is really unique! So, I love the bag a lot!

The unique material combined with a special look drew a lot of eyeballs in the past week. 

And, you can carry the bag in two ways which is very practical. I think i will use it often.”

THREE: Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag Handmade Large Tote Bag

If you need more space – but still want to stay stylish, this bamboo tote bag is for you!

Point, check the sizes on the site according to your height. This is really a cool way to buy a new handbag, don’t you agree?

This is a beautiful handbag! I’ve seen many of my favorite fashionistas carry it so I ordered it. However, the large is pretty big. So, I’ve sent a request to exchange for the small.

I ordered in a small. Perfect! Matches everything, awesome summer bag, great quality.

FOUR: Bamboo Handbag – Womens Basket Bag with Purse Insert – Handmade Summer Tote

I love the word Free, don’t you? Well, when you order this bamboo bag, it comes with a purse. And, this set works with your outfit no matter if you’re out on the town or at the beach.

Secondly, the bag helps keep your belongings safe and secure.

This purse is absolutely beautiful and was made with quality products. I love it! 

Okay, the zipper doesn’t work quite as smooth as I would like. But, it doesn’t cause any real issues.

Final review note, this makes a great summer purse!”

FIVE: Vintga Bamboo Handbag Handmade Tote Bamboo Purse Straw Beach Bag for Women

First, Vintga remains a trusted name in women’s handbags and purses. So, this one shouldn’t be any different.

The bag works great at the beach and adds an air of delicate fashion and beauty.

If you plan to own a new bamboo bag, consider this one.

Amazing product! And, it looks so cute and special on hands.

I’ve received a bunch of compliments when I carried it to work or stores.

Yes, even my five years old daughter said; ‘Mummy, it is really pretty!’

This handbag is really high quality, very Sophisticated and fine handwork.

So, I absolutely like it more than Cult Gaia because the price is much better. And, the quality gets my ‘excellent’ rating!”

Now You Know the Rest of the Bamboo Bag Story – Time to Act!

Okay, now that you received the “inside scoop” about bamboo handbags & purses, it’s time to make a decision. The fashion world will not wait forever for you to catch up!

So, get off the couch & onto your computer. Fact is, online ordering is so easy when you shop nowadays.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your new bamboo purse and use it for years to come! You asked, what is bamboo anyhow? Here’s a description just for fun!