how to be assertive

how to be assertive in modeling

Have you wondered why some models seem to get ahead, while others remain in the background? Well, as a model photographer, I’ve seen lots of reasons for this.

Many models don’t really understand how to be assertive in modeling, without being “mean or nasty“. So, I thought we’d talk about how to become more forward to get what you want from your career.

So, listen to this inspirational post closely to see if assertiveness is lacking in your life; and in your modeling career.

Modeling Assertiveness 101 – 3 Things to Consider to Become an Assertive Model

First of all, being assertive is a skill that comes naturally to some, but not to all. It’s a trait and skill that can help you get further in life, when balanced evenly.

But, keep in mind, if not kept in check, assertiveness can come across as:

  • abrasive,
  • rude,
  • or even mean or aggressive.

Yes, you’ve seen these models; especially on the modeling reality shows. I don’t know about you but, I don’t care to work with models who didn’t show me any respect.

In this post, we’ll explore the topic of modeling assertiveness. It covers 3 tips:

  1. What it means to be assertive.
  2. How to become more assertive.
  3. And, you’ll learn how to keep that assertiveness in check.

ONE: What Most Models Don’t Know about Being Assertive

According to The Better Health Channel,

“Being assertive means being direct about what you need, want, feel, or believe in a way that’s respectful of the views of others.”

Follow me so far? Being assertive can offer many benefits to almost every area of your life, when kept in balance.

For example, when you’re more assertive in the modeling workplace, you show your photographers, makeup artists, and agency reps you have the qualities required of a model.

And the best part is, you glow with the confidence necessary to go for what you need or want.

In your relationship with other people, being assertive has a whole slew of benefits.

First off, it can help you have the confidence to approach an agency for a modeling job in the first place.

Secondly, assertiveness allows you to identify, and be clear about what you want and need from the job.

In truth, it improves communication between you and people you work with.

And finally, being assertive helps insure the healthy state of your working relationship.

TWO: How to Become More Assertive in Your Modeling Career – And in Life!

The first thing you have to do when trying to be more assertive is to make a decision. The decision is to positively assert your views and yourself and commit to it.

It’s not enough just to think about maybe trying to be more assertive in situations.

For instance, you might think about how you really should work out more while you’re eating dessert.

That doesn’t work! You have to commit to it.

Listen More – Communicate More

The next step is improving your communication and listening skills. These two skills are crucial in assertiveness.

You need to communicate openly and honestly with a respect for those with whom your speaking. In addition to that, you have to become an active listener.

Pay close attention to what people say to you. Try to understand their perspective, and don’t interrupt.

The key to having the right balance in your assertiveness is to respect others. I can’t stress this enough. Allow them the space to be assertive, as well.

Stay Calm – Avoid Guilt

Lastly, in the actual practice of assertiveness, you want to…

  • Stay calm,
  • avoid guilt tripping,
  • and use what is referred to as “I” statements.

“I” statements (I think, I feel, I know) are much more assertive and more constructive than “you” statements (you never, you always), which tend to be more harmful.

THREE: How to Keep Your Assertiveness in Check – Even if You Haven’t in the Past

There’s a fine line between positive assertiveness and abrasive rudeness. A good way to keep yourself in check, and ensure you aren’t crossing the line is to be observant, not just of yourself but of those around you.

Reflection & Meditation

Take time throughout your day to reflect on yourself, your behavior, and your choices.

Watch how others behave around you.

A word of caution, if your loved ones (or agent, or MUA) seem uncomfortable with your behavior, or put off by your attitude, you should examine your assertiveness and maybe make some minor changes.

Yes, becoming more assertive can get you far in life, but there’s a fine line between being positively assertive and being rude.

If you keep yourself in check when working on your assertiveness, and create a good balance, you can go further and be happier in your life.

Assertiveness can lead to:

  • More and better modeling assignments,
  • promotions in your day job,
  • healthier life relationships,
  • and a more positive self-image.

“Becoming more assertive can get you far in life, but there’s a fine line between being positively assertive and being rude.”

I hope this post helped guide you through improving your life through assertive behavior. And, I know that being assertive is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beginning a modeling career.

But, as I’m writing this, I’m reminded of something my favorite motivational mentor once said:

Positive thinking doesn’t give you more talent. But, it helps you do everything better than negative thinking.

Reflect on this. Then take stock of where you are and how you can become more assertive in your modeling career.

Remember, assertiveness is not rudeness. Respect others, do your work the best you can, and continue to improve your modeling skills to get your career on track.

Now, go get that job! – Bob

You’ve Learned to Be More Assertive in Your Modeling – What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learned a bit about becoming assertive, and going after the modeling jobs you want, you also need to balance your life.

One way to relax and contemplate is through meditation. As I mentioned above, meditation helps you to sort things out in a non-threatening environment.

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