Watch a High Fashion Female Model Anna Chuprina Pose on Video

Anna Chuprina posingAn excellent video! Watch and learn as beautiful female model Anna Chuprina shows how it’s done during this high fashion modeling photo shoot with talented photographer Arthur St. John – and take particular notice of her eyes and the looks she gives to the camera.

Anna Chuprina Posing in the Desert

Anna does just about every model pose idea you can imagine in the desert wearing a variety of clothes including sexy swimwear. The setting is magnificent!

Shoot at the Beach

Next, she brings elegance and beauty to the beach wearing high fashion outfits and skimpy bikinis to show off her curves.

Hope this video will give you some good ideas for what a real high fashion model shoot should be and look for the next curating project on the blog.

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As you see in the video, there’s not a secret formula for posing although Miss Chuprina certainly has practiced her craft. Now, keep reading to learn some cool ideas for your own female modeling photo shoot!

Learn Some Exceptional Model Pose Ideas for Females

Posing for females

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In this video you’ll get a step by step guide to modeling poses for women including how to stand, what to do with your hands, and other aspects of the pose every new female model should learn.

Posing is part science and part art so study the clip below and see how this model does it – then practice!

Taking into consideration that you are a beginner, start with the basic poses and then build on them. You are not going to get it perfect on the first try but, with some concentration and effort, you’ll be posing nicely before long.

You have to know what you’re going to do before you can relax. After your poses become relaxed and natural, the expression will show in your face and eyes – now you’re modelling!

Female model posing for pictureThe Standing Pose

The first tips covers the way you stand to make your hips a bit smaller and give your body an overall slimmer look.

Stand with your body facing to one side or the other. You will not be facing the camera.

Once you are in this posing position, turn your waist around so that your face is facing into the lens.

In this position you will appear much thinner and feminine looking, which is what you want, isn’t it?


The Hands

Now that you have the stance you can vary your upper body poses with different positions, placing your hands on your hips, one hand on the hip, one hand on the thigh, hands on your head, well – you get the picture now.

These modeling poses for women are extremely simple and you can adAnna Chuprina posing tipsd all sorts of variations as stated above.

Once you get excited about these posing techniques you’ll want to learn more.
In the meantime, look through magazines with fashion photos and see how the models are posed, their facial expressions, outfits and body language.

Keep this video handy and you can learn more from the female Ford model giving the tips above. You should pick up some good ideas here too!

Hope you enjoyed watching the video of Anna Chuprina posing in her fashion model photo shoot and I hope you’ll come back and visit often for more posing ideas like these.

See you next time!

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