Alyssa Miller – Bikini Babe and Swimsuit Model Shows Off Her Private Closet (Video)

You remember Alyssa Miller, don’t you?

Well, she is at it again in a candid interview showing, what else?

– Her closet, and what’s in it.

I believe you’ll enjoy this short video and let me know what you think in the comments box below. – Bob Pardue

“The bikini babe shows off a delicious pair of Jimmy Choos and one dress that may cause a wardrobe malfunction

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People Magazines Chrissy Teigen takes an intimate look inside the super fashion modeling closet of Alyssa Miller in this video. You’ll be amazed at what’s inside.

What’s in Sports Illustrated Bikini Model Alyssa Miller’s wardrobe?

Alyssa talks about a pair of her very tall spectator high heel shoe she pulled off the top shelf ..

“I think it’s super sexy – it’s really sexy!”

The surprise? Lots and lots of zippers on these fashion dresses – one really “got her skin” and so she stated that ..

Chrissy said that the dress pinched her skin when she tried to zip it up and Alyssa says;

“It got my skin too!”

So, you see? Alyssa Miller, although she is a gorgeous female swimsuit model, is only human when it comes to getting dressed.

Did a dress or skirt ever get your skin or were you just intrigued by the video.

Showing off clothes is what female models do so would love to hear about some of your experiences during photo shoots – even if you are not a Sports Illustrated model!

Now it’s your turn to start modeling. Learn some tips for getting started in modeling here – and a free gift!

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