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Its hard to capture 100% of her Exotic Beauty But here is my try 🙂
Thanks for all who requested this look and waited for it !!!!

I had to create the double lid later because only mono or small lid eyes need double lid to look like Adriana.

Product List :
Drak Brown Eyebrow Pencil : Sonia Kushak
Maui Wowie Eyeshadow :Urban decay Palette
Oil slick : Urban Decay Palette
Bronze eyeshadow : Lancome Pose Metallic
other eyeshadows : Coastel scents 88 warm color Palette
Blush : Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo Sin/ Casino
Mascara : Lancome Hynose
Black Eyeliner : Givenchy Magic Kajal
Peach Eyeliner : Anastasia light Matte Jumbo Pencil
Lipliner : Le Lipstique Sheer Lip Liner Lancome
Lipstick : Lancome Pink in the limo

Wings : Ebay ( Most of feathers fell out when i took them out of the box they sent it in.I had to use a glue gun later to stick them back in ….So i would not recommend it !

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