Looking for the Best Shoes? Adidas Comes Close

There’s no doubt that with the posing and staying a certain size models have to find ways to stay fit. If you are at all interested in jogging or running, or even fashion you probably know about Adidas shoes. This company who offers Adidas shoes has been making quality running footwear for some time now.

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Some History about Adidas Shoes

The German company Adidas, founded in 1949, is a great success story. Along with Nike, the company has dominated the sportswear industry. This is   particularly true since Reebok was bought out by Adidas in 2006.

What Else Does Adidas Sell?

The company supplies clothing, footwear and accessories for general leisurewear and specific sporting activities. Adidas shoes are especially fashionable, popular with all ages and both genders.

Adidas shoesAdvertising is everything, especially when launching new products. Sportswear companies like to be attached to star sports icons.

Soccer king David Beckham and other top Premiership players have endorsed the company’s soccer boots.

Torso of fit young woman jogging with shoes in park.

Adidas shoes started life with boots, first made 80 years ago. They  have always been a leading seller.

The company sponsors several leading European clubs such as AC Milan, Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid.

Adidas Shoes are Born

The boots came into prominence at the 1954 World Cup, won by West Germany. This was when the new boots incorporating studs with screws were unveiled.

This meant that players could change their studs according to different weather conditions.

Today, the range includes the red and white Predator Absolute Power SG, useful on soft ground, and the blue and white f50.7 Tunitell. The f50 has exchangeable chassis, uppers and stud sets.

The classic black and white Copa Mundial is the best selling soccer boot in history, since being launched at the 1982 World Cup.

Adidas Fashion Sportswear

In addition to soccer, Adidas supplies everything needed for other sports, such as golf, basketball and rugby. Adidas shoes are also popular with people working out in the gym and with keen runners.

Runners like the shoes because they are good shock absorbents on hard surfaces. This means  the foot is cushioned in comfortable, lightweight materials. The latest innovation is the Adi Star Control 2007 with breathable mesh.

Tennis players also endorse the range of shoes for their sport. The Climacool Feather III is especially recommended for clay and hard court surfaces. It is designed to keep the foot cooled.

Female players like the pink and white CC Divine, a shoe that includes the same specifications with added jeweled eyelet. Some women love running shoes in blue like the Nike 5.0.

Style Combined with Adidas Comfort Shoes

The company continues to bring new products on line, designed for comfort and performance. Their reputation is further enhanced by their sponsorship of various national sports teams. These include the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Union team, the Australian Cricket team and the USA Fencing team.

Adidas shoes and fashion clothing is also seen on professional basketball courts, as they are the official sponsors of the NBA. You can see their catalog here.

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