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As the spring season fades away and hot summer months begin, teenage girl virtual fashion models and mod women are turning to active wear to round out their wardrobes.

It is the season for active wear ! Advice on buying designer clothes for women. How is your clothes closet looking this year?

Thank goodness!

Winter’s rain and snow are finally abating, with flowering plums bursting with blooms and spring daffodils and tulips poking their heads out of the ground. It’s getting to be that time of year.

How to Look Your Best In Every Day Active Wear

After the long winter, we’re all dying to get out into the fresh air and get rid of a few pounds that miraculously 😉 accumulated over the holidays. We want to get out into the garden, take bike rides, hike, roller skate or skateboard.

Other tempting activities include a variety of team sports. Whatever activities ring your bell, one thing is sure. You need some active wear to breeze through these activities in comfort.

What is The Definition of Active Wear ?

Now, some of us have different definitions of ‘active’.

For some of us, a day spent at the beach carrying tote bags and dressed in mod style, interrupted only for lunch at a trendy restaurant constitutes an active day. Even with this definition, active wear is still the way to go. You want to be comfortable!

So, what do you call active wear? Shorts, Capri pants, lightweight sleeveless and cap sleeved tops and funny cotton tee shirts all fill the bill for sporting activities and rigorous exercise.

When engaging in sports, you’ll definitely be more comfortable wearing a sports bra.

Designer Fashion Is Not Just Wearing Clothing

Besides your active wear, you’ll also want to shop for a good pair of quality tennis shoes, ones that offer good support and are well made.

Your feet will thank you! Tired, swollen, blistered feet do not make a happy experience you’ll want to repeat. A poor quality, badly fitted shoe will result in wasted money and another shopping trip and purchase.

Sporting goods stores have staff which are qualified to fit your shoe properly and help you find the pair of sneakers best suited to your use. A good pair of sneakers will last at least all summer, no matter how much you beat them up.

Summer Leisure Time In Your Active Wear

The more genteel activities, like that day at the beach, allows you to expand on your active wardrobe choices, with summery dresses and sandals.

Separates, like a lightweight cotton jacket with shorts and a casual shirt, lets you go partying on into the evening when it cools off. You only need to retrieve your jacket from the car and you’re ready for the evening’s activities.

So, the term active wear boils down to clothing and accessories which are comfortable when you’re active. Even a heavy day of shopping at the mall calls for these type of garments.

Full Figured Active Fashions

Certain active wear fashions don’t look very good on full figured girls. Often tank tops, cut off, and that sort of thing are really only flattering to skinny bodies.

Nevertheless, there are always plenty of trends going around to choose from. The important thing is to try to see your clothes as an expression of you, not as a way to try to keep up with every current style. Find a simple action look that works for you and stay with it.

Active Wear Fabrics

Fabrics are important. Lighter weight 100% cotton clothing ‘breathes’ so you’ll stay cool even on hot days while doing rigorous activities. Tight-fitting Spandex(R) shorts, like the ones avid bikers are fond of, are best when riding early or late in the day. They do look stylish, but can trap a lot of heat.

Get Quality Active Clothing

Another factor which plays an important role in getting the best value from your active wear wardrobe is quality. Quality clothing doesn’t fade or pill, as cheaply made garments do. Cheaply made fabrics also have a bad habit of retaining stains. (I’ve learned this the hard way!)

If you go shopping early in the season, your selections will be better. When you wait until summer, the active wear clothing will be picked over, often with only the smallest and largest sizes available. So don’t wait!

Where to Find Active Wear

You might also shop the thrift stores and consignment shops for your active wear wardrobe. You’d be surprised at the high quality clothing, in excellent condition, that you can pick up quite inexpensively.

So there you have the basics on a good active wear wardrobe. In both clothing and footwear, go for quality. Garments like shorts and tee-shirts don’t go out of style as other dressier fashions do.

This means next year’s summer wardrobe won’t require a complete makeover of that section of your closet – they will still look good and you won’t have become tired of them.While winter is long, summer is all too fleeting for most of us so get dressed in the right outfit and have some fun!

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