Acting Headshots – How To Find An Acting Headshot Photographer

acting headshotsAre you ready to get started in acting? Just like modeling, you need excellent acting headshots to leave with casting agents and others.

These are the people who can help promote you in the entertainment business. But, how and where do you look for a professional photography company to do your headshots for acting?

Quick Tips For Getting Hollywood Acting Headshots


Pictures to Present Your Acting “Look”

Do you plan to work in Hollywood as an actress or an actor? If so, it’s probably that you’ll spend hours a day honing your craft.

Yes, it is important to perfect your acting skills, but it is also imperative to the get started finding Hollywood acting jobs. One starting point is to find a good photographer.

Want to Get the Best Acting Headshots? – Find a Good Professional Photographer

As great as it is to hear that you should find a professional photographer experienced in headshots if you want to become a Hollywood actor or actress, you may be wondering why.

The same as for models, actors and actresses need good professional head shot pictures to show and leave with casting directors and studios.

Unfortunately, many newcomers to the scene underestimate the importance of a good headshot. You may be surprised just how much one can do for your career.

Why Do You Need Actor Headshots?

One reason is because actor head shots are required by many talent or casting agencies. This is important, as it often helps to “weed,” through applicants.

For example, if a talent agency is looking for a plus size actor for an opening in a television show, they can automatically eliminate those who do not fit the bill by a photograph. No time or money is wasted by having to setup an in-person meeting.

Hollywood Extras Need Headshots Too!

One might expect that those casting for big Hollywood movies or television shows would require a headshot, but what about extras or reality television shows? Many reality TV shows, especially those that are talent based, do not require headshots.

However, some are looking for a specific type of individual. This is most common with dating shows. Even casting for extras, who are people who simply just stand the background and don’t say a word, sometimes require a headshot.

A Good Hollywood Headshot Photographer Saves The Studios Dollars – Always Appreciated!

As it was previously stated, a headshot photograph can help to save those in charge of casting both time and money. Yes, this is nice concept, but it can hurt you.

That is why a professional photographer is recommended. In some cases, you only have one chance to impress and that impression will all depend on the quality of your photograph.

How To Find A Professional Acting Headshot Photographer

Now that you know the importance of having professional, quality photographs of yourself, you may be wondering how to get started. The first step is finding a photographer.

When doing so, do not hire the first photographer whose website appears in your Internet search. Instead, take the time to do the proper amount of research.

Hire A Photographer Who’s “In The Know”

If you live in or around the Hollywood area, you should find professional photographers for acting portfolios who know what those in the business are looking for.

This is nice, as it improves your chances of seeing success as an actor, as well as getting a better value for your money.

On that same note, a professional photographer is the same in most areas of the country One does not have to be located in Hollywood to take good pictures.

Look At The Photographer’s Portfolio

Before agreeing to pay for a photographer or agree to use their services, ask to see samples of their work. It is usually best if you can see these samples in person.

Next, ask about the process. Is there someone onsite who can touch up your makeup or is that your responsibility?

What Are You Using The Images For? Hollywood Acting But Inform Your Photographer

Regardless of where you find your photographer, whether it is right in the Hollywood area or not, let them know your intentions of using their photographs to land an acting job.

Having their name attached to your professional headshots may serve as that extra push needed to ensure you get the best level of service and the highest quality photographs.

About Using Local Photography CompaniesActors headshot

Taking a line from above paragraphs, a professional actor’s headshot photographer does not have to be based out of Hollywood to do excellent work. With that said, use your best judgment.

Yes, you want to pay as little as possible, but remember that quality photographs are important.

Don’t Get Taken In!

Also, be on the lookout for scams or dangerous situations. Do not meet with a photographer in any place that is not public and take someone with you to meetings or photo shoots.

It is your safest bet to meet in a professional studio. There are some unsavory characters out there who love prey on innocent and hopeful Hollywood stars. Don’t unknowingly put yourself in a dangerous situation; use your best judgment.

You’ve Learned about Acting Headshots! Want to Really Be an Actor?

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Acting headshot photographerTake some action; find your head shot photographer for actors.

Look at their photo gallery, check references when possible and expect excellent acting headshots when the session is over. Then, proceed straight to your Hollywood acting career without passing GO! – Bob Pardue

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