A Short History of Acne Jeans

Acne Jeans

Model photo by Bob Pardue

Denims have been the favorites of guys and girls since I was a kid. This is the story of the beginning of Acne Jeans and why they are so popular in the fashion world. One of the hottest trends in denim fashion is Acne blue jeans.

This relatively new assortment of jeans has hit the fashion industry with a bang while maintaining remarkably clean and simple designs. Acne Jeans are part of an entire conglomerate, the Acne Group.

This group consists of independent companies that function on their own but have the same attitude and professional vision relevant to today’s society.

Not Just Acne – Here’s More Blue Jean History

Acne Jeans started nearly a decade ago when an ingenious Swedish entrepreneur named Johnny Johansson designed one-hundred pairs of jeans to be given away at no charge.

Johansson’s Acne Jeans had signature red stitching that caught the attention of many even though he only gave the pants to friends, family and clients. The jeans became so popular that a number of stores approached the designer with the hopes of carrying the Acne Jeans label.

Since the nonprofit giveaways in 1997, the Swedish company has developed into an impressive enterprise. Stores that carry the label can be found across the globe. However, profits did not reel in overnight.

It took a few years before the company reached the point where it profited from sales. Acne Jeans began to create merchandise commercially in 1998, but the hard work did not pay off until 2002 when profits first began to show.

It’s all in the Design – The High Fashion Mags Love These Acne Blue Jeans

Two years before profiting began; the Swedish Elle magazine predicted the success of Acne Jeans, naming its creator Designer of the Year.

The magazine recognized the innovative, clean style and appeal to today’s society as major assets. Acne Jeans hold true to classic style while adding a creative edge that keeps it commercially balanced.

Johnny Johansson was named Designer of the Year for another Swedish magazine called “Café” in 2003 and by 2004, Acne Jeans showed a sales increase of two-hundred percent.

The company was very successful in Europe and its popularity was spanning the globe. Today, the label can be found in twenty-five countries around the world.
Up to the Current Acne Jeans Fashion Trends

From plus size to petite these blue jeans will set a trendy look for just about any clothing you wear with them. The Acne Jeans collection is sleek, stylish while very comfortable. The jeans transition from day wear to evening wear with a touch of a few accessories.

Designer Styles of Acne Jeans

The pants are offered in very formfitting cuts as well as loose cuts that allow a lot of movement.

Most of the styles are low-cut in the waist and the legs taper to the ankles which is very different than denim styles of the past decade.

Jeans are probably the most popular product in a person’s wardrobe and once buyers find the perfect fitting pair, they remain loyal to the company that produces mod fashion. Acne Jeans has truly hit the mark for much of the denim-wearing population around the world and it will continue to do so for years to come. What to wear? Bluejeans of course! Where to buy ..

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